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Jun 8, 2007 08:15 PM

lunch in carmel?

my wife and I are going down next week for our 15th anniversary, and have dinner reservations for bouchee and marinus for the two nights. any lunch ideas? casanova...


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  1. California Market at the Highlands Inn. Sit outside and enjoy a really pretty view. Picnic lunch at Point Lobos with a nice bottle of wine. Drive south to Big Sur and have lunch at Nepenthe. It's a beautiful drive (40 minutes) and a lovely view from Nepenthe.

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        Bob, you're welcome. Let us know about your dining experiences when you return.

    1. Cafe Rustica it is in Carmel Valley. They had a great grilled veggie salad. There is also Rio Grill.

      1. Also in Carmel Valley you can visit Corkscrew, same ownership as Cassanova, and excellent for lunch. Consider Jefferey's for breakfast. In Carmel by the Sea, Patisserie Boissiere is very good for lunch.

        1. I'm in the Casanova camp. It is always my choice for lunch and I have never been disappointed (ask to sit outside). Amazing wine list with many rarities available by the half-bottle (last time, I had a Culler Syrah!). I can still taste the orange crepes I had for dessert and it was almost a year ago!