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Jun 8, 2007 08:06 PM

pdx dinner with 85 year old and 1 year old

I'm hoping someone can suggest a good foodie restaurant in Portland for a group of 6 that includes my 85 year old picky grandmother who likes sweetbreads and my 1 year old son who is used to eating in nice restaurants. We'll be going on a Sunday evening. Looking for local/organic, maybe newish, something similar to Sitka and Spruce or Tavolata in Seattle. Thanks!

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  1. I like:
    Lovely Hula Hands
    has local, seasonal menu (who doesn't in PDX these days) but has a good atmosphere for all family involved

    also maybe The Country Cat
    same as above

    Both are excellent- never been to Sitka and Spruce or Tavolata

    1. I was thinking that Fife would be perfect for you, but it's closed on Sundays--they serve traditional American dishes. The whole age range would probably be happy at Mother's Bistro, although I don't think they're real big on local/organic. It is a nice restaurant which is by definition family friendly.

      1. I'd suggest Tabla, Carlyle, Country Cat, or Toro Bravo.

        1. I would check out OBA, with a Nuevo Latino cuisine. Good place to go for a group dinner and it is good for all ages.

          1. since the one year-old eats in a lot of nice restaurants, i'd let him pick.

            two top drawer joints w.s'breads: paley's place and alberta st oyster bar. both are open sundays and generally meet your criteria though i haven't headed north in a while so have not tried the seattle restaurants you mention.