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Jun 8, 2007 06:51 PM

LOTS happenin' on Cortelyou

went to dinner at 'farm on adderly' tonite. had a lovely meal. they are basically a solid neighborhood joint with a slightly quirky menu. dh had flank steak and dd and i had burgers ...been wanting to try the burger for a while. it was a goooood burger and the fries were really homemade. tb ackerson provides wines and my dh had a great french red and i had very cold stella. yum.

i was shocked (happily) to see a rather large organic and natural market about ready to open on the same corner and <gasp> a connecticut muffin opening next to the farm. while i'm sure it won't affect vox pop - which has it's steadfast customers, it's truely a sign of major new birth through that area. and did i mention that t.b. ackerson is a slammin' wine store?

all good news.

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  1. farm on adderley has possibly the best fries ive ever had in brooklyn...

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      We had a table for five Saturday night. Decided they desserts where "eh", the mains were really good and the apps. were awesome. The Golden Beet and Green Bean salad, the crazy velvety borscht and the fancy mushroom tempura. I forgot what kind of mushrooms, but one of us - a restaurant owner - thought they would be way to delicate to be battered and deep fried. He thought it was guilding the lily. However, he and all of us were so shocked to feel they were fabulous. And the Chimay tripel on tap was way too good and went down way too easy.
      Afterwards we went around the corner to the Lucky 7 and had the coldest Bud bar bottles EVER.

        1. re: nokitsch

          and downhill from way to honor, the fine chow

          1. re: nokitsch

            I've done this ... I seem to recall. Makes sense to drink the good stuff early on while you can fully appreciate it. The Bud later in the evening serves a different purpose. Though too many tripels before that might just finish me off prematurely.

            About the mushrooms: the online menu lists hen of the woods, a.k.a. maitake, with horseradish dipping sauce. Was that what you had? I might be skeptical when ordering, for the same reason noisejoke was - but I love mushrooms and surprises, and for $9 I just might spin the wheel. Appreciate the tip.

            1. re: squid kun

              We had the mushroom dish there a few weeks ago and didn't care for it. Very very greasy and the mushrooms were too delicate in flavor to stand up to that kind of frying. Also served with no greens or anything to soak up the oil. We thought it was a miss and wouldn't order it again--definitely not worth $9 IMHO.

              1. re: jinx

                I see all your points. The mushrooms weren't a homerun but worth the surprise. Ours didn't seem to greasy. Whatever, it might've been the four Tripels talking. Yikes.
                Yeah, it's been a while since I was that hungover...the next day driving out to see the Father in Law in PA. Yikes and yeesh.
                We found the outside area of The Farm quite lovely btw.

                1. re: jinx

                  I felt similarly about the mushrooms. And the horseradish dipping sauce had NO flavor.

        2. I used to live over there. Los Mariachis just south of Cortelyou on Coney Island Avenue is really good. Try the steak with nopales (some kind of cactus).