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Jun 8, 2007 06:05 PM

Mexican restaurant near OFarrell St

In town from New York. Staying in Hilton on OFarrell St. Can someone please tell me about a good Mexican restaurant in the area. Price doesn't matter. Thanks.

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  1. cortez is on geary, i think. not super "mexican" but it is good...maybe it's just upscale and that's why i don't think of it as super. but it is good

    1. The closest Mexican restaurant to you would be Colibri. Some love it, some hate...

      Cortez bills itself as Mediterranean.

      1. If you do go to Colibri, the guacamole is fabulous and mixed at tableside...the other stuff was fine, not very memorable. I take it you are set on Mexican and nothing else, because there are other good places near where you will be staying.