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Jun 8, 2007 05:30 PM

good izakaya on the westside?

Anybody have suggestions for good izakaya? I live around west LA and have been to most of the japanese restaurants on sawtelle, looking for something new...

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  1. There are several on the Westside, not on Sawtelle: Sasaya, Sake House, Nanbankan, Ita-Cho, Wakasan, Musha (Santa Monica) ... I know I am forgetting a few and that someone else will continue the list.

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      There's also Raku on the corner of Olympic and Barrington. Zu Robata also opened on Wilshire next to Amandine (I haven't been yet but have seen a few posts).

      1. re: liu

        i vote for terried sake house or sasaya. with the former being much more casual.