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Jun 8, 2007 05:17 PM

Making Sushi Rolls

Does anyone ever do this at home? I was thinking of trying and had a couple questions.
1) how long do you have to wait for the rice to cool (I'm guessing you have to do this so as not to cook thru the seaweed) before you can spread it over the seaweed.
2) where can you get soy paper?

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  1. wait until the rice is at least room temp, if not a little cooler. you can sort of stir it once in a while (not too often, or you'll smoosh it into a paste) to let the steam escape. be sure to use "sushi rice", and throw in a little rice vinegar + a tsp of sugar to insure it gets sticky enough to stay together. sometimes i cheat and throw the rice in the fridge for a little while. you'd probably find soy paper at an asian market. i always use nori (toast it quickly first, then very very lightly dampen it with wet fingers). keep your finger tips damp while working and use less rice than you think you need. work quickly! it takes a bit of practice. good luck! have fun. invent cool new sushi.

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        I'm all ready to try sushi myself, it seems to be in the air. I want to do authentic, but I also want to duplicate the "surf and turf" sushi I used to get in Montauk, it was a piece of seared filet mignon and a piece of cooked lobster. Not traditional at all but it was so good! If I can get it right, that'll be my new main appetizer for parties.

    1. I drizzle my su (vinegar seasoning) on hot rice and use a fan-electric during the summer and paper handheld fan during the winter. It's pretty warm when I start rolling and I never thought about the cooking of the nori ! I just worry about burning my fingers. I don't know where you live but I saw soy nori at Marukai in Gardena, Calif. today.

      1. As others have said, yes, sprinkle the su over the rice when it is hot; fan not only to cool down but also to help evaporate excess liquid. Let teh rice rest until room temperature. One tip--after the first roll over, pull the roll down and back towards you, tightening the whole before completing the rolling.