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Jun 8, 2007 05:04 PM

How many jumbo or large prawns in a pound?

I'm sure it's not rocket science (and I could just call the cute guy at my local foo-foo market fish counter and ask him), but does anyone know how many prawns there are in a pound? Jumbo vs. Large?

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  1. There is usually a number associated with small things like shrimp, prawns, scallops. I have some 21/25 shrimp in my freezer, they are of a size that will average 21 to 25 shrimp per pound. I'd say they are medium size. Large are probably 16/20s, or 13/15s. Check for a number on the package or wrapper to see what you have bought.

    1. Depends on what you consider "jumbo".
      Prawns (shrimp) sizes are graded by # per pound. The most common rest "jumbo" I've seen fall into the 21 to 25/lb or 16 to 20/lb category.
      Shrimp in shrimp salads are usually in the 51 to 60/lb.
      You can look at the chart at the bottom of this page:

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        thank you! so helpful. that chart is cool. only a chowhound could find such a thing!

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          That link is currently dead. But here's another:
          Chowhounds, unite!

      2. hello, ms.babette is on target; a well stocked shrimp monger will actually have two (or even three)more sizes bigger than the 16/20s, the biggest will be U(for 'under')-10 or 12.

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          I've seen U6, and I always associated that with prawns for some reason. At least in my neck of the woods.

        2. Jfood likes the 16/20 for grilling for two reasons. First think of the number you have to shell and clean. second they can take the grill heat well fso they do not get overcooked inside. for pasta dishes jfood moves to the next smaller 21/25. these seem to keep a nice ratio of sauce to shrimp so they compliment each other.

          believe it or not costco has the <15 size and these on the grill and then the plate are fantastic. the local grocer sometimes has <9 and these look like they need a leash and you can walk them in the 'hood.

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            I've seen U-6 at Costco. Absolutely Beautiful, almost like lobster tails. One could fill you up! Next time I WILL buy them!

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              There's a restaurant in my area that used to serve U4 shrimp. They looked like they were farmed in a nuclear reactor cooling pond.

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                I've been told by my regular grocer that if I wanted I could order larger prawns, since they do not normally carry the U6s or even the U15s.

            2. Large are 16-25 per pound. The best and largest I have ever had were in Venezuela on Margarita Island, a dish of 6 grilled shrimp hanging over both sides of a dinner plate that hardly any mortal could eat at one sitting.

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                Sebra's Marisquiera in Newark, NJ . These Prawns were the size/length of a one pound Maine Lobster.. These were easily twice the size of any U-4 Prawn I have seen and handled in the past. They served them three for $35.......

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                  It's a bit hard to see from your pic (it's a little dark) but were they freshwater or saltwater prawns/shrimps? [See my post below: ]

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                    Sorry, I could not tell you....I did not think to ask.