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French Quareter restaurant with great food that has a courtyard.

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  1. The only place I remember with a courtyard is "Court of The Two Sisters" But that is more of a Sunday Brunch spot. I don';t know what the dinners are like.

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      Doesn't Broussard's have a courtyard?

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        court of the two sisters is a great spot for dinner...the food is terrific and the atmosphere at night is simply lovely..

      2. My favorite before Katrina was Feelings Cafe:


        I haven't seen it mentioned much on here, but they had great food and a wonderful courtyard...

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          is feelings cafe in the marigny or bywater area?

        2. Cafe Amelie is a relative newcomer that is quite nice. Bayona has a wonderful courtyard as well, and the Bistro at Maison de Ville just reopened, too, post-Katrina.

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            I didnt get a chance to try it on my recent visit, but Cafe Amelie was highly recommended by the man who runs the B&B we stayed in. I recall the menu looking quite interesting. Unfortunately it was closed for a private party when we stopped by. If you try it, please post a report.

          2. High recommendations for Cafe Amelie. This is probably the most romantic courtyard in the Quarter, esp at dusk. The lighting is subdued and you look out the front to the Cornstalk Fence Hotel. The food is very good--they have one of the best chicken and sausage gumbos around. Feelings is good but not even near the Quarter.

            1. Brennan's has a nice courtyard. It's been a few years but it's always been a great restaurant - I've usually gone for a great breakfast but they have dinners as well.

              1. how bout kpaul's, does it have a courtyard?

                1. Bayona has a courtyard. But, whew, it's too hot already to eat outside.

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                    Brennan's and Broussards both have courtyards...

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                      Agreed. Kevin, I don't know where you are, but it's like a blast furnace in NOLA right now. If you are determined, I'd also suggest the beautiful courtyard at Cafe Amelie. I love the crab cakes there...but I love them more in October than June

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                        Brennan's and Broussard's are the obvious, if pricey, answers.

                        Gumbo Shop sort of has a courtyard, if memory serves.

                        Does anybody know if you can eat out on the balconies overlooking Jackson Square at Muriel's?

                        But God bless, it's hot out. Might be tolerable at night, but even then....

                    2. You may want to re-think dining during the summer....

                      Not just the heat, but when late, lamented Marisol still had their wonderful patio, they also had insect repellent available.....

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                        Yep - we have just returned and have a few insect bites as souveniers. We expected it for our trip through cajun country, but we didn't expect the mosquitos in New Orleans. They got us though.