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Jun 8, 2007 04:32 PM

Costco Guacamole

Has anyone tried this? It's in the cold cases with cheese, etc. It comes in a double plastic bag-like packaging.

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  1. It's pretty tasty. Very creamy and garlicky. Could use more citrus. My GF doesn't like the consistency, she thinks it's too smooth. The consistency makes It's better as a topping for nachos, dillas, tacos, fajitas etc rather than a dip for chips.

    1. The price to quality ratio is pretty hard to beat. The amount of guac that comes in just one of the two bags is a value, let alone two. It's quick, easy, keeps well, and tastes good to very good. You can also freeze it for use when good avo's might not be available. They are great for parties, as you just need to cut off a corner and squeeze it out, spoon it around, and add some garnish.

      Now if you want great buttery guac with nice chunks and seasoned to perfection, you've no choice but to do it yourself. Of course, you're at the mercy of a seasonal item, and you have to pick them according to when you feel you will be using them. In other words, you need to plan ahead, given the nice buttery Haas variety is in season (if that's what you prefer).

      1. Quite good.
        I usually buy this now instead of making my own.


        P.S. Don't know if they have the salsa right beside it but it's the best salsa I've bought from a store.

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          Thanks everyone. I wonder if you could mix and match. Smash up some fresh avocado and add the Costco stuff, salsa and create a better consistancy. I may try this.