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Jun 8, 2007 04:07 PM

Mako's Bento Boxes -- still yummy?

I have tickets to the Bowl coming up and really want to try the Mako Bento Boxes; previous posters, though none very recent, were quite positive.

Does anyone have fresh experiences and/or want to suggest an alternative? There will be four of us, two of whom are kids.


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  1. I just ordered mine for the John Mayer Concert for tomorrow night. I have read the same posts and took a peek at their website as well. I will let you know..

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    1. re: Foodandwine

      Whoa, weird. I just got off the phone from ordering one for Sat nite, and I'm going to BEN FOLDS (and John Mayer) at the Bowl on Sunday. Also, the guy at Mako said three consecutive people who called had the same surname (and it's not that common of a name). I've never had it before but will report back sometime after tomorrow night.

    2. Well, like I said earlier, I had ordered one for Saturday night and my wife, my 9-year-old son and I enjoyed it immensely. The top layer consisted of a shrimp and crab salad, some sort of breaded and fried balls with smaller meatballs inside them, vegetable sushi rolls (I've never liked salmon so I asked for no salmon and they graciously agreed), and sauteed sea bass. The sea bass was probably the standout on this layer.

      Unveiling each layer added a fun sense of intrigue to the meal, and we took off the top layer to find citrus-orange chicken, Asian marinated lamb chops, chili shrimp and waygu meatballs in the entree layer. The chicken was insanely tender, the lamb had a bright green sauce on each chop (pesto-ish? I wasn't sure) that was excellent and the waygu meatballs were bursting with flavor. The shrimp was good but lacked a whole lot of flavor or spice. Layed on top and in between all the meats was brilliant green steamed broccoli that was great.

      The bottom level consisted of a sectioned orange with blueberries, a few beautifully ripe and juicy sliced strawberries, sliced kiwi, a few blackberries, two small cakey brownies, a collection of small cookies (oatmeal and chocolate chip), two small macadamia nut tarts and two small key lime (+ mint?) tarts topped with meringue.

      My wife and son were both stuffed, and I probably had enough food as well, but when eating finger foods like this I can keep eating forever, so it was hard for me to determine how much I'd eaten. I would definitely do this again in the future. It was as much fun as the food was delicious.

      I would've taken some photos but my camera inexplicably broke right before I went to pick it up.

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      1. re: Itslikeimsayin

        Thanks for the timely report. The bento box is definitely a go for us. My only question now, is, should I get one box or two? It sounds like it's a very generous meal for two. We are four, but two of us are small capacity children (10 & 6). I'll probably end up getting two merely to avoid the inevitable clash over who gets to keep the bento box.

        1. re: NAspy

          If it helps to be even more specific, the entree layer consisted of four pieces of chicken meat (each was 2-3 bites), I think 3 or 4 shrimp, 2 lamb chops and 6-8 beef meatballs (plus the broccoli). Because it's not intended to be served super hot anyway, two boxes will probably work well for pre-show picnicking plus a little snacking later throughout the performance if you choose.

      2. Ah this is timely for me too - have tickets to the Bowl this weekend for the Playboy Jazz Festival.

        I was also looking at getting a Mako bento box based on favorable reviews in the past, but was wondering what other good options there are? I know of Joan's on Third, Doughboys, Clementine, Vert, and La Cachette that all do this sort of thing. Anyone tried any of these and have an opinion on how they stack up?

        I'd like to get the best bang for our buck and we have in past just made our own picnic basket with various items from different places, but want to see what's good out of the places that do this for you. Thanks!