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Jun 8, 2007 03:59 PM

is there a cupcake phenomenon in sf like in la?

okay, i go back and forth pretty often between the 2 areas and for some reason all the cupcake discussions have got me thinking.. is that la's latest and greatest trend??? i asked my friends, and they seem to think that the latest and greatest trend is the pinkberry phenomenon.. which i am more aware of myself..

does the bay have the same fascination with cupcakes? and if so, where would i find it here?!?!?! (not the city though 'cause its kinda of a hassle to get out there from where i am...)

mahalo =)

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  1. The short answer is "no" -- although there has been some upswing in the popularity of cupcakes, it's not as hot a "phenomenon" as in LA or NY. There was actually a discussion about the cupcake phenomenon on the General Topics board a while back:

    1. There is a place called Kara's Cupcakes in the Marina - I think on Steiner maybe - and now also in Ghirardelli Square. I haven't been to either as I don't share the fascination, but she must be doing well to open a second shop!

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        Kara's Cupcakes is on Scott Street, between Chestnut and Lombard. Wonderful flavors, prime LOCAL ingredients. Their website is:

      2. I think a lot of the appeal of cupcakes is portion control, hence their popularity in places like NYC (in Sex and the City, anyhow) and LA. Skinny people get to play with small pieces of pretty food. Unfair? Maybe.

        However, cupcakes do seem more popular here than a few years ago when they were basically kiddie food. There's a cupcake place on Bay Street in Emeryville, too.

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          I'm in LA, and as a whole, I think the general SF population looks more fit than the general LA population. All those cupcakes and driving instead of walking. :)

        2. I have had 3 people in the past week tell me that I "HAVE TO TRY" teacake bake shop in Emeryville. Coincidence or the beginning of a phenomenon? The menu sounds delicious.

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            I think cupcakes are still a hot thing though maybe slightly on the wane in SF. Citizen Cupcake (an offshoot of Citizen Cake) opened near Union Square a couple of years ago, seemingly at the cusp of a cupcake revolution. I do like theirs a lot (excellent true buttercream frosting) and it's a cute place for lunch or a snack (top floor of Virgin mega-store). Also, Delessio Bakery makes these tiny ones that are really delicious. I like cupcakes but not because they're trendy. I think it's because I love old fashioned cake, yellow or devil's food and cupcakes are often the closest you get to that, albeit in smaller portions.

          2. The original comment has been removed