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Jun 8, 2007 03:30 PM

Lark Cake Shop in Silverlake

A heads up and wondering if anyone knows about the tiny Lark Cake Shop opening in Silverlake? It's on Sunset just a shade East of Micheltorena.

So small I have to believe they will not have a kitchen on site.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Has anyone been there? I stopped by today. I tried a couple free samples of mini cupcakes, and they seemed way too cold from the refrigerator, and were dried out as a result. I was wondering if anyone had liked (or disliked) what they tried.

      I'm very jealous of Santa Monica people with the arrival of Vanilla Bake Shop, which sounds great, so I was very hopeful re Lark. So far, not sure what to make of it. Maybe they just need to turn the refrigerator case's temperature up.

      1. I really wish I had something good to say, but sadly Lark disappointed me. I bought a couple cupcakes and was less than thrilled. I overheard who I assume is the owner say that it's good to leave the cakes out a bit before eating them. I did that, but the cake consistency was still dry and pretty flavorless. The icing wasn't bad, but they aren't too generous with it. Next time I need a cupcake I'm heading to Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank.

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          Someone brought a few cupcakes to the office on Thursday and took one home to share with my daughter. It was delicious and never made it home. It was chocolate with marshmello filling. Just the right size and texture. I say give them another chance.

        2. I stopped by Lark the other day, and the place was very cute. They did not have much in the case, but the cakes that they displayed were beautiful. I got the chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow inside (amazing!), and a huge slice of red velvet that I thought was going to cost me $30, but all together everything was less than $10. Very reasonable, considering other bakery prices. Give it a couple of weeks, and it will be superior

          1. I sure hope it gets better. I bought 2 slices of cake - one red velvet and one chocolate mousse. Neither were good. The red velvet was extremely dry, and the chocolate mousse was rich but not delicious. My husband and I threw most of the slices away, and my friends who bought the same thing as I did had the same reaction. I'll try the chocolate with marshmallow filling later this week and hope for the best.