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Jun 8, 2007 03:25 PM

Dining/Delivery near 23rd and Race

Hi Hounds -
I'm a recent transplant from Los Angeles, now living in the Edgewater Apts at 23rd and Race. I was hoping for some suggestions of places that are either a short walk or that will deliver to us here. We're adventurous eaters and like all kinds of food. Thoughts?

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    1. re: joluvscards

      erawan's awesome. the erawan noodles, i dream of. i haven't been there in a couple months!

      you might try out tiffin, at 7th and girard. i stand by the fact that it's the best indian food you can get in philly. their per-call delivery service won't extend out to you, but they do have a regularly scheduled delivery service (i haven't tried this yet) that does go out your way. i know. it's confusing. i hope they clarify all of that soon.

    2. A favorite is Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Don't think they deliver.
      Rose Tatoo:
      Bistro St. Tropez:
      There is a new Mexican Post restaurant in your neighborhood, and Mission Grill, on Arch ant 19th(?). Haven't been to the Mission Grill, but the Mexican Post is pretty good- really tex-mex as opposed to Mexican.
      Love Erewan Thai.

      1. as far as places to go from there - well, IMO, cherry street tavern is a great neighborhood bar. not for the food, though (sandwiches are fine, but nothing special).
        miran on chestnut street isn't far, and there's a really good cuban place on 21st btwn chestnut and sansom.
        basically, as you head towards rittenhouse square you get more and more restaurants.