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Jun 8, 2007 03:16 PM

Has anyone eaten in the new Greek OPA restaurant chains in Alberta?

I've seen 2 of these little places here in Edmonton so far - one just off Whyte Ave and one in the West end. If you have an opinion of them, please let me know as I may give them a try.

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  1. Hi,
    Yes - I've eaten at the location off Whyte Ave. in Edmonton.
    The owner is super friendly and in terms of "fast-food", it's probably my favourite fast-food joint.

    1. Opa is a Calgary-based chain and I've seen them here ever since I moved here in 2000. Cannot say I care for them- too little meat on the souvlaki, toppings are always ice cold (tzatziki should not be COLD), bread seems too thick and dry. I love their fries though. Must add I haven't been in a long time but yes they have a very large presence here, and I've seen them scattered around Vancouver as well, happy to see a Calgary success story (like Jugo Juice) but their product- not so much.

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        I've found huge variation from store to store, since they are all owner-operated franchises. Often times, the meat is too little and dry (overcooked), but i've had succulent, moist, plump souvlaki there before. I've also had proper tzatziki, decent rice and potato's, and good salad. Not a huge fan of their "fresh made" pita, as it's too doughy for me, but for a quick, somewhat healthy meal, you could do worse.

        I've also had some decent calamari there - at a price far more competitive than the same frozen breaded product you get at most other restaurants.

        Funnily enough, i don't like the fries, since they toss them in lemon juice and oregano.

      2. I like the calamari which they cook to order at the 2 outlets I've tried. I've paid more for much worse in other restaurants. I usually have it with Greek salad but that varies a LOT. Sometimes fresh, sometimes not. The tzatziki is warmed up by the calamari so it's been ok in my experience.

        1. Cheers:

          I remember first seeing this chain in one of its locations near Banker's Hall in Calgary when I spent some time working there a few summers ago but never did try it.

          In fact it was this "thread" that prompted me to try it for lunch today. Overall, I would not give it much more than an "ok".

          It reminds me of the type of Greek fast-food that one often sees in mall and office tower complex food courts. Doesn't inspire but fills the void rather than the ubiquitous Chinese buffet, submarine sandwich or McD's.

          We ordered the souvlakli [lamb] and spanokopita platters. Also asked for a skewer of chicken.

          The souvlaki was not bad. Not great, but not bad. The lamb was better than the chicken which a tad tired and dried out.

          The spanokopita was frozen the micowaved, grilled on the flat top to crisp up. Not very good, heavy on the spinach, could have used more feta. Zapping puff pastry and then steaming as transported home did not do it any favours either.

          The salads? Opted for Greek rather than caesar in both cases. Again just ok. Suffered from being pre-made, mixed and waiting to be served.

          Surprising, given the above comments is that we enjoyed the warmed/grilled pita bread.

          Would I go back? Hmmm. Well I would not make a special trip for it but if in a position where I had to make a choice between it and other "food court" offerings, I might.