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Jun 8, 2007 03:03 PM

Pinstripes in Northbrook

Has anyone been to Pinstripes, the recently opened bowling/bocce/bistro place on Willow in Northbrook? Love the concept, wondering about the food. Their website says "exceptional Italian/American bistro and wine cellar," but no menu posted yet.

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  1. Well it wasn't exceptional, that's for sure. Service was hellacious. A little pricey for a bowling alley bistro. Not the greatest execution on several items. But the thin-crust flatbread with figs & prosciutto was good.

    1. I heard that the bowling was very pricey. They didn't mention the chow. So, I take that as marginal?

      1. I have been there three times since it opened. Once for my daughters birthday party(really fun, easy and reasonable) the other 2 times for bocce and dinner. Last night my husband and I went just for dinner. We had a crab, avacado, and arugula starter. My husband had the beef tenderloin, with garlic tomato and spinach. I had the pine nut crusted halibut, on a bed of risotto (fall veggies) and the same spinach side. We thought it was great. Service was really good, 2 managers checked on us during dinner. The wine list is very interesting heavy on italian wines. Prices are reasonable for the quality of the food. All in all we would go back. One of the draws for us would be that have a nice childrens menu along with having decent adult entrees. We have had the fig & procuitto flatbread it is outstanding! The only drawback is that it is a little bright and loud later in the evening and it is a tad crowded. Not at all romantic :)

        I am interested to see what other "chi-hounds" have to say!

        1. Well we are 2 couples in their early 60s. We had a very pleasant light dinner in their grill. One person had the short ribs and they were as good as anywhere. melt in your mouth. I had the chicken parmesan and it was ok good..
          We had the flat bread pizza as an appetizer for the 4 of us and it was excellent. The proscuitto and fig of course. Waiter named Kevin couldn't have been nicer. The short ribs were the best. The burger was also close to excellent. My wife had it and it was cooked perfectly. We had 8 pm reservations for a Bocci ball court (never played before) but we had taken some extra time over dinner. Kevin took care of changing our time for bocci ball. The wives vs. the men. Guess what? The wives won both games. it's easy and really no effort. We had drinks on the table by the bocci ball court. Outside there was a jazz/blues singer and guitar player.
          We all decided we'd go back.
          (yes if you have 8 people playing bocce ball at $7 per person per hour...that's expensive)
          Oh the bowling lanes looked beautiful. We were there on a Thursday night but we heard that Friday's get very crowded.

          Give it a 'thumbs up' for new and creative and good food.

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            My boss went there and found the food a bit pricey, but not terribly undoable. The concept sounds great though!