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Jun 8, 2007 02:37 PM

Caterers in CT

Hi there,
I'm over on the west coast and am helping to plan a 30-50 person cocktail party in Westport. Does anyone have any recommendations for caterers? We'd like passed food as well as a few trays that we can set down on tables. The food should be higher-end items (no shrimp cocktail, veggie platters, miniature quiche, etc). Thanks for your help!

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  1. Barcelona - they have 5 restaurants in CT - all great, and they do great catering. Sorry, I don't have a number - their website is

    I've had them cater several parties - the food is fantastic.

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      Thanks - the menu looks good. Any connection to Meigas here? It is one of few restaurants that I've tried in Norwalk and I thought the Spanish theme was a coincidence.

    2. Seems to be a Latin theme here, so I will add to that. Valencia in Norwalk. The chef worked in some higher end places before launching his own. They definitely do catering and I have heard it's fantastic. I have eaten lunch and dinner in their tiny restaurant, and it is absolutely delicious! Fresh, interesting, good!
      Here is their website -
      Barcelona is good, but expensive. Valencia is just as good, and not nearly as pricey. More for your money, so to speak.

      1. We used Jordan Caterers for my 30th birthday party and were pleased.

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          1. Westport's best caterer, in my humble opinion, is The Cantering Caterer. They do work all over New York and New England, but they are based in Westport. Check out