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Jun 8, 2007 02:33 PM

yorkville bistro fare

Montréal foodie soon in Toronto for a few days, will be staying at the Four Seasons in Yorkville, looking for good, unpretentious bistro fare, italian or other restaurant where I can get good wine by the glass near my hotel (i want to travel by foot from the hotel), preferably with patio. thanks!

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  1. "Good" and "unpretentious" are two words not synonymous with Yorkville. A 10 minute walk up Avenue Rd will take you to Le Paradis. Nothing outstanding but certainly fits the bill, tho' I'm sure you have much better everyday French bistros in Montreal.

    1. Pascale, although I haven't been there recently, I've always enjoyed my meals at Cantine, on Avenue Road just south of Davenport ( ).

      1. - Jacques' Bistro du Parc (126 Cumberland)... but no patio.
        - Bar Mercurio on Bloor at St. George (Italian... small patio out front, but probably more fun to sit at the bar)
        - Caren's Wine Bar (on Cumberland right across from your hotel... secret back patio)

        As others have said, Yorkville can be a difficult 'hood for foodies despite its alleged pedigree.

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          Thanks to you all, I'll make a note of your suggestions. Enjoy your weekend !

        2. It won't knock your socks off, but I've eaten there a number of times, and haven't had a bad meal, is Dimmi on Cumberland Avenue. And, unlike most places in Yorkville, is resonably priced. Same league, same style, is Toni Bulloni (don't be put off by the name), also on Cumberland, but no patio. Neither is stunning, but both are reliable, and won't blow the budget. I also concur with the above recommendations.

          1. There is an Italian restaurant on the corner of south east corner of Yorkville and Bellair
            called Cafe Nervosa. It has a nice patio on street level and on the second floor balcony.
            The food is good, the service is quite good, but the patio is great.It would be a five minute walk from your hotel. Just walk east on Yorkville Ave.

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