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Jun 8, 2007 01:51 PM

las vegas group dining abt. $25 pp, ON THE STRIP

planning a combind bachelorette/bachelor party on a busy weekend in vegas... i think that they want on the strip...

they are staying on the tropicana side of the strip, but we're partying over at tao at the venetian...

is there a place where i can make a reservation for about 12-15 people where it will be GOOD food, NOT a buffet, and about $25 pp not including drinks??? someone suggested pf chang's only 'cause we could split the bill, but i'm not a fan... and i don't want to go to n9ne, 'cause frankly i'm all palms-ed out...

i know of expensive places to eat and cheap places to eat, but with a group that big, it could get expensive fast...

i was also thinking of that one carribean-theme restaurant off the strip.. i think it's off flamingo.. but with how traffic gets, i think we're better off on the strip...

mahalo =)

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  1. just got off the phone with another bridesmaid... is there a place that serves " family style" for ease of splitting the bill with everyone at the party!?!?!!?

    has anyone eaten at tao? is that expensive?

    1. $25 is going to be tough if you are going to be having drinks- although I would think that pf changs would be a good choice given that it is family style. Im not sure how laid back of a place you are looking for but the pink taco at the hard rock may be a good option for you if youre up for mexican.

      theres always in n out burger. seriously, hope you have a great time.

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        thanks! we're not including drinks.. i figure people can pay for their own drinks themselves. my thought was to just split the food bill evenly by whoever comes, and then people pay for their own drinks...

        this is prettty expensive celebration because we're all from out of town and there's a destination wedding down the line...

        which is why we are trying to really stick to a budget... =)

        and yeah, thanks! we're gonna have a great time! hahaha i got my mandatory vegas attire all prepped and ready to go (albeit the trip is a few months a way).... not bringing the obnoxious "tourist" attitude that people tend to indulge in when they go out there though! hahahah

      2. Not sure about reservations, but try calling Gonzalez Y Gonzalez at New York New York-It's a small mexian place that could probably seat you all if you called ahead. We went there one night for my bachelorette party last summer, and there were 10 of us. You could do $25 per person (not counting drinks) easily.

        But I agree, other than mexican, you're going to have a tough time on the strip with that kind of price limit.

        1. I don't know if you've considered, but my girlfriends and I went for a bachelorette party and made reservations a day ahead at the Rum Jungle restaurant in Mandalay Bay. I don't remember if the food was good, but it's not family style and we all spent around $25 for food only. Oh and there were about 20 of us. The place is really nice too.

          1. There are two options in the fashion show mall that might work: one is Maggiano's, which is an Italian restaurant, serves the food family style, and is reasonable. It's a chain, but the food is pretty decent. Similarly, Cafe ba ba reeba is a tapas place in the fashion show which might be a good choice...lots of small plates and both inside and outside space. The food is fine and they have decent sangria.

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            1. re: lvnvflyer

              ohh that cafe ba ba reeba sounds like a great idea... i'll have to look for a website... tapas sounds great!

              and sangria is ALWAYS good =) my cuzin and her fiancee love my sangria. so that seems appropriate...