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Jun 8, 2007 01:40 PM

where to find chopsticks like the set I have?

OK, this is not a regular chopstick. This is something given to me as a gift a few years ago, and my friend cannot remember where she got it. It is a set of hard plastic chopsticks that are attached at the top and are spring loaded. There is a round wire that goes through the top of the chopstick set to keep them together. You cannot pull them apart. I love this thing- use it daily for flipping things, sauteeing spinach and vegetables, etc. It is so useful. But it's looking a little worse for the wear and I would like to get another. When I google chopsticks or go to different kitchen sites, all I get are regular chopsticks. Does anybody else out there have the same item and know where to purchase one?

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  1. Are they cheater chopsticks? Something along this lines (doesn't have the spring):

    You can also get clothes pin chopsticks:

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      thank you, but this is actually more like a cooking tool as opposed to just regular chopsticks. Thanks for the link to wrapables, though. I have never seen that site before and they do have some cool stuff.

    2. Are they tong, or spring loaded, chopsticks?

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        They are spring loaded, a hard plastic. Mine is white, and the friend who bought this for me has a black set. This is such a useful tool for cooking; I use it daily. My friend said they were not too expensive. Thanks for sending that link; I wish that was it.

      2. I saw something like this at Sur La Table. I think they're for kids.

        1. Hi,

          You can find them here:

          I had a hard time too, the good thing is they sell wooden ones which if you're using them for cooking should last longer and be better for you.

          Hope this helps!