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Jun 8, 2007 01:38 PM

Hill Country BBQ -- Opening Tonight?

Has anyone heard if the long awaited Hill Country BBQ is opening tonight? I heard it's opening tonight but I'm unable to confirm. Called the number but only got an answering machine.

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  1. Somebody on another food forum posted that he e-mailed them this morning asking if they were open for lunch today, and he received a reply in the affirmative. I would presume that means they're open for dinner as well? If you want to try e-mailing, the address is on the website.

    Btw, they're participating in the Big Apple BBQ event this weekend.

    1. Just got back from Hill Country. There's tons of people there. The 'cue was great!

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      1. re: republix

        oh, c'mon, gotta give us some more details! what did you have? prices? lines?

        1. re: nuxvomica

          They did not have the peanut bacon brittle, Blue Bell or Lone Star tonight. Said they ran out of the ice cream and beer earlier in the week. Sausages are delicious. Brisket was good. Sides that I had were good, but they only seemed to have half of the sides available tonight. Service was good for opening night but the guy behind me was really complaining about the slow speed of the lines. And, well, the meat line was a bit slow, but that's to be expected. (It is cafeteria-style service with a sides, meat, drink and dessert line.) Interior is what I like to call "howdy pardner decor" and you'll find it sort of charming if you're from Texas. Four Texas wines to choose from and a pretty big mixed drinks and spirits selection. There was a nice older guy (partner or manager - you'll know him because he looks authentic) who was walking the dining room and shaking hands tonight - asked us about our "supper." He said lunch service starts in two weeks. There's a stage downstairs and they've got a calendar of bands that will be performing. Overall pretty good, but I'm from Texas so I may be giving it a lot of leeway (I've got some thoughts on the brisket). I'll be back in a few weeks when things are ironed out and I can be assured my Lone Star and Blue Bell. $54 for two people. Go, check it out.

          1. re: Westrite

            Please do share thoughts on brisket.

            Blue Bell ice cream! I used to suffer through Carrabba's in Baltimore just for Homemade Vanilla! And Lone Star ... I've got some rebuses to solve.

            I'm still convinced there's killer money to be made overnighting Salt Lick or Goode Co. and selling it at double price from a cart in Manhattan. Sweet mesquite I miss good BBQ....

            I want to believe Hill Country is for real ... but something tells me it's just another in a long line of disappointments.

            1. re: Mazzer

              BBQ Perfection!! Was number 13 to eat at Hill Country on opening night. The good news: best damn brisket and pork ribs I've ever tasted. Was with someone from Memphis who was truly impressed. Sides were a bit less impressive (tasteless green bean cassarole, ok mac and cheese)...The place (upstairs and down) is designed with a keen eye for Austin kitsch and the waitstaff were uncommonly friendly. Don't know if I like the get your menu stamped and pay when you leave format, and those carvers are still lacking in skill and speed. But damn, that brisket and those ribs!! Can't wait to return to hear some live music in the downstairs roadhouse club.

              1. re: Mazzer

                Mazzer - if you want to avoid a tear in your beer, then call before and make sure they have the Blue Bell and the Lone Star because the nostalgia of those two things will really make you smile. (The RC cola and Big Red made my day.) Brisket-wise I think I'll reserve my thoughts on it until I've had it a few more times -- but the sausage is very, very good. There's an extra-high threshold that Hill Country has to compete with -- that is, the memory that every Texpat will walk in the door with. For me, it's my memories of the depth of flavor in the brisket that we would get from Goode Co. or Lenox BBQ or the little smokeshack my dad would stop in on his way home from work. That said, my dinner last night was an overall good experience.

              2. re: Westrite

                Ever been to Kreuz? I've wanted to take my own life on that line a couple of times- that's a slow moving mofo. The sausages at Hill Country are slamming- great to taste that Kreuz stuff again. Oddly, these sausages are not so revered down there, but they sure tasted great last night. I'm waiting a couple of weeks to report on the brisket- I had some last night.

                Red chef-outfit lady is a bit annoying, as is the manager who asked me if i needed help like 50 times. No I don't need help. I need meat.

                1. re: rootytootyfreshnfrooty

                  I'll be in NYC next week and would love to take the family here. What time do they open? I'd like to get in line before it gets too crazy.

                  1. re: rorosity

                    went tonight. first of all, it was a lot of fun. a huge, cavernous, loud room--very un-nyc but in a good way. got there about 7:45 and waited about 15 min for a table, as promised by lovely hostess. food was overall delicious. unfortunately, they were out of brisket (said it would take another hour to cook) but steered us to pork ribs (great), chicken, and jalapeno sausage (FAB). i thought the sides were lacking. i didn't like green/red pepper chunks in cole slaw and thought the mac and cheese needed more...something. everyone else at our table loved the baked beans but i thought they were a little soupy and sweet. maybe that's how they're supposed to be but i didn't love 'em. margaritas rocked. get the house special with jalapeno in it. perfect. i would definitely go back and recommend for a really fun, somewhat transporting dining experience. i do hope they will find a way to make the lines go more quickly in the coming weeks and months.

                    1. re: fat parish

                      Seven of us were there just a little earlier than you (we started at 7pm). You should have come over... we had leftover brisket to take home :-)

                      The beef ribs I had at the Madison Park BBQ event on Sun were out last night but I can vouch for them being great. The brisket and pork ribs were very nicely done and the big surprise was the chicken... Excellent. I liked the cold black eyed peas, the mac n cheese and especially the corn pudding. I didnt get to taste the corn bread or beans but others liked them. I thought the cole slaw and desserts were eh. We were all impressed, although we agree that this system may need some work for NYC. Very friendly and, with a music stage downstairs, it looks like it goes on my short list.

                      1. re: Steve R

                        oh, steve! had i only known.....

                        and i agree, the chicken was a wonderful surprise.

                      2. re: fat parish

                        do you know if they take reservations? what's the price range?

                        1. re: RussianGirl

                          I think reservations are taken for parties of 6-8 or more....something like that. Whatever the exact number it is for larger parties....

              1. re: Honey Bee

                As an Austin native, I can say that that was the best Texas style cue I've had outside of the state, and a good deal better than most places I've eaten around the hill country itself. We had the moist brisket and the beef ribs - the brisket especially was incredible. Great flavor, fork tender and smoked to perfection. And the atmosphere is spot on, from the bench tables with paper towels to the music amd butcher paper. A must for anyone wanting true Texas cue.