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Jun 8, 2007 01:37 PM

Seattle & Bainbridge Is. Recs

I hate laying out a broad request like this because we get these all the time on the SW(AZ) board. But I need to enlist the help of Seattle 'hounds in getting some dining recs for a long weekend we're spending in the area in a few weeks.

About us:
-We will be hq'd downtown with no car. We're fine with public trans and cabs to reach something not too far off.
-We will eat just about anything and anywhere - from a seafood stall at the market to white tablecloths overlooking Puget Sound.
-Overall we are doing a lot of walking and plan to just hang out, so casual eateries are great. I can probably squeeze a single pair of slinky shoes into my small roller bag for a nice evening out.
-We will be breaking the diet, but love healthy options.

In addition, we are thinking of taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Is for a day. I went once back in the mid-90's and there wasn't much there, but I enjoyed it. Do you have any recs for lunch on the island...or better yet, is there a better day trip via ferry option available to us?

Thanks so much.

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  1. You won't recognize Bainbridge. I grew up there 40 years ago, and it's very different with lots of dining choices nowadays. I do think Bainbridge is your best ferry trip option. There are lots of cute little shops downtown now--books, antiques, artwork, etc.. For lunch, try Madoka (Asian fusion) or Cafe Nola (American), both on Winslow Way, easy walkling distance from the ferry. Cafe Nola is at the intersection of Madison and Winslow Way, Madoka is just a block or two farther on Winslow Way, both on your left as you're coming from the ferry down Winslow Way. Here are links:

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      Oops, I see Madoka isn't open for lunch. But if you wanted an early'ish dinner, especially with daylight lasting so long, it would be nice.

    2. I agree with PAO, i also grew up there, 30 years ago. Much diff now. I'd suggest taking an early(9-10am) boat over to avoid overloads, esp on sunny wkends...walk up to Bainbridge Bakers in Winslow Green, for their 8-grain pullaparts and a nice east-facing patio to enjoy them on w/ a latte. There are many more shops in Winslow than in the 90s, so you might stroll around town. Or, maybe take a bus, bike, or cab to Bainbridge Gardens or The Bloedel Reserve for a beautiful "walk in the garden". For evening, I dig on Harbor Public House, referred to as "The Pub". You can easily walk there from the ferry dock. Relax, have a nice local ale, watch boats in the marina, munch some tasty pub grub. I've heard good things about PAO's suggestions, but have not been myself. Winslow Green is also at the corner of Madison and Winslow Way, but kitty corner.
      Some links:

      1. Right, Madoka isn't open for lunch. Only go to Nola if insufferable service and a random and unpredictable kitchen are within your tolerance limits. The Pub is very nice pub food, Shima is lovely for sushi and other clean Japanese food, and Bainbridge Thai is good as well.

        I didn't grow up on Bainbridge, but I live here now.

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          Thank you very much for your responses. I initially wanted to head over to Bainbridge in the morning and spend a nice (hopefully) sunny day there. Then my husband declared that he wants to ride the ferry back at night for the city view. So we may be there for dinner after all.


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            Hmmm...good to know about Nola and Shima...thanks!

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              We had dinner at Madoka last night for our anniversary and it was excellent.