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Jun 8, 2007 01:18 PM

Any thing worth eating in La Mirada.

Any thing worth eating in La Mirada.

We will be there for a few days and were wondering if there is any good food in this town.

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  1. I grew up in La Mirada and it can be tough finding good food there. Everything is so strip mall-ish. I usually went just outside for good food, like Taco Nazo on Beach/Leffingwell (I think) in La Habra, or Harbor Blvd in Fullerton for places like Heroe's or Stubrick's. In La Mirada proper, my favorite restaurant is probably El Ranchito on Beach...been eating their homemade tortillas since I was a kid.

    Here's a little more discussion

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      El Taco Nazo is at 121 S. Beach (just south of La Habra Blvd.) in La Habra, and well worth the short drive from La Mirada.

    2. There's a good Korean BBQ called Lighthouse on Beach and Imperial (I think it's Imperial??). Anyways, I haven't eaten at this location as I am closer to the one in Garden Grove.

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        It is in the BIG retail/strip mall on Beach just south of Imperial. Sam's Club is one of the anchor tenants. Light Town House is in one of the multi-unit out parcel structures. I believe next to a nail salon, IIRC.

        And, yup, it IS pretty good. There's another Korean place on Beach and La Mirada Blvd. (La Mirada Blvd. turns into Malvern Ave. at Beach Blvd.), can't recall the name right now, but it's in the same retail center as the Korean supermarket there. Again in one of the out parcel structures.

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          you just reminded me that in that market is a food court with some other good korean choices

        2. Gardunos...casual, good food. see attached thread for more discussion as well as comments re El Ranchito.

          Garduno's Mexican Food
          14567 Telegraph Road
          La Mirada
          (562) 941-3022

          1. Another lifelong La Miradan sez : I agree on El Ranchito. It's great, affordable Mexican.

            Another you shouldn't miss if you love steaks is Northwoods Inn. It's near the 5 and Firestone Blvd. It looks like a snow-covered log cabin outside and serves amazing steaks and this wonderful cheesebread. It's the kind of place where they give you peanuts and you toss the shells on the floor. Casual, but a little bit pricey. A steak will be about $25. The portions are HUGE, though. Easily split. Hope that helps.

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              I gotta be honest... I go to Northwoods frequently because I work nearby and a lot of co-workers choose to celebrate anniversaries there. I'm not a fan. They've got this cheese bread that people rave about. The first bite is tasty, but then you're so loaded down with grease that it starts to feel pretty gross. The portions are enormous, but not particularly high quality. It's definitely quantity over quality.

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                Northwoods in Belmont Shores went out of bsns decades ago & deservedly so

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                  Decades may be overstating it a bit. They have been closed for years, but less than 10. And it's Belmont Shore. Singular. Occasionally, specificity is a good thing.

            2. it's nothing exotic and a chain, but there's a red robin right off the 5 that has suprisingly good food.

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                Endless baskets of fries, good burgers and chicken burgers are my favorite especially the One great chicken burger.