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Jun 8, 2007 01:17 PM

Portland, Willamette, Ashland restaurant suggestions

I'll be visiting Oregon the first week of September and am looking for lunch and dinner places in Portland, the Willamette area and Ashland. They can be casual or fancy as long as they are good.


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  1. By Willamette, do you mean the Willamette Valley? Can you narrow it down to where you'll be more specifically. HTH.

    1. Willamette Valley
      I'll be in Dundee and McMinnville

      1. Hey EO, how many meals/days in Ashland?

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        1. re: bbqboy

          1 day in Ashland - 2-3 meals: Dinner, Breakfast, possibly Lunch

          I've heard good things about Amuse. What do you think? Where else should I look? the place can be fancy or casual as long as the food is good. My parents and I tend to like Seafood places, French, American, or Indian. We are not as into Italian or Chinese (we get far too much of that out on the East Coast!)


          1. re: EpicuriousOenopheliac

            For delicious Seafood in Ashland try Omars. On our recent trip to Ashland my wife and i found Omars to be our favorite stop. Heres a link with directions....

            Whatever you do.... dont go to Larks. It's pumped as fine cuisine but the food qaulity we found to be worse than "Denny's".

            1. re: EpicuriousOenopheliac

              Amuse is a fine place, but with only one dinner, New Sammy's is the answer.
              You will need to call now if you know the date you'll be here.
              Morning Glory is the choice for breakfast/lunch.
              If you are exploring Wines in Oregon I would urge you to take Hwy 238 from Jacksonville to Grants Pass,-our own little Applegate Valley Wine Tour.
              end up for an afternoon lunch at Summerjo's,
    , or if after 2:00,
              then here:
              then hit I 5 north.

          2. In Ashland don't miss Sammy's Cowboy Bistro!!! If I could only have on meal here it would be Sammy's. In fact, I would drive 7 hours north just to have dinner here.