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Jun 8, 2007 12:30 PM

Queens restaurant for about 15 people?

I'm trying to come up with some suggestions for my future in-laws who are hosting a dinner the night before my wedding next month. I'd love some help! Here are the parameters I'm thinking about:

-not sure what budget they're thinking about, so I'm giving them a range of options, but probably not total hole-in-the-walls. Possibly something expensive, but I'd like to throw in several budget or mid-range places as well.

-I'd prefer W Queens (Jackson Hts, Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City) but in reality, anywhere in Queens or even North Brooklyn or West Nassau would be ok

-there will be at least one unadventurous eater and at least one non-meat eater (although fish is ok). I'm not sure that I could get away w/Sripraphai, even though I think *I* could order there and make everyone happy, probably not right for this group. Probably any Eurpean/American cuisine (maybe chinese?) would be best.

-we don't need a private room, but obviously somewhere that can comfortably handle 15 at a time would be best.

-bonus points for decent wine available (although on the other hand, somewhere that allowed BYO might work nicely as well)

-and the food has to be good, duh!

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  1. I just posted a spot. Check it out. King 5 Noodle. it's got some vegetarian dishes but it's very family oriented and traditional style cooking. also, for your unadventurous eater, you can always get him/her a bowl of their famous noodles.

    And they definitely allow BYO drinks (especially if it is wine). I go there at least four times a month.

    Prices are fair but bring cash only. They don't take credit cards.

    Here's their address:
    King 5 Noodles
    39-07 Prince St. 1G
    Flushing, NY 11354

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    1. re: phifedawg

      This is not a great spot for 15 people as the dining area is relatively small. And not good enough for a pre-wedding meal either, King 5 Noodle is good for a quick, cheap brunch/lunch. I found their dinner menu subpar.

      I once loved their porkchop over rice but it was not that good when I had it yesterday. Chops were soggy, portions have been cut and they raised the prices. Not a good combo.

    2. There is also another place (same owners) and they are also in Flushing. Different style of chinese food but they got this amazing sesame pancake but the size of a deep dish pizza (great with their saucy dishes). The address is below. Unfortunately, they don't have an english name to their restaurant but they are the ones directly next to the liquor store. The literal translation of their chinese name is South North Harmony. You should be able to ask anyone on the street and they should know South-North.

      They also do not take credit cards.

      135-25A 40th Rd.
      Flushing, NY 11354

      1. The night before our wedding we are having a dinner for 20 at Manduccati's in LIC. The food is great and they will work with you on a menue and price

        1. Pio Pio in Jackson Heights is huge, plenty of room upstairs for decent sized parties (and big tables downstairs). Huge platters of food, really cheap, really fun, really good. Plus sangria. For unadventurous it's great, you can't go wrong with chicken and platters of french fries and hot-dogs! But the tostones, maduros, avacado salad, rice and beans etc are all good, and there's the ceviche. I've gone with vegetarians who were happy with the salads and tostones, enough for a meal.

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          1. re: Widmark

            I brought a group of about 20 people to Pio Pio and it was great fun. I would definitely recommend it. They put together a bunch of tables in the upstairs dining room. The staff made sure everybody's needs were met without smothering us (and without physically smothering the one or two difficult people in the bunch--and that was a task in itself). I ordered for the table -- just got a ton of stuff -- and it was, as always, completely reasonable (even with the millions of drinks that the group downed).

            1. re: jennsch

              Thanks everyone! Turns out my almost-father-in-law had a place in mind in Bayside (Marbella I think?) but that might not turn out so I'm glad to have a list for him.

              I hadn't even thought of Pio Pio - always just get take-out from there - but since I live about a half of a block away, that would be super convenient! I wonder if I could convince him to just choose that? Hmmmm.

              1. re: The Turtle Bay Dove

                Mythos in Bayside (Greek) is a very nice place and can accomodate your party. But Pio Pio would be great too.

          2. I'll second Pio Pio.

            How about La Cabana Restaurant on Northern Boulevard and 86th street as well?

            Their La Cabana pizza is amazing...

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            1. re: jza1218

              pio pio is super loud on the weekends. i think everyone there is celebrating a birthday (expect the waiters to bust out feliz cumpleanos every 5 minutes). otherwise, indeed, it's great fun and good food - except the ceviche.

              also wanted to throw out tequila sunrise in bayside? not sure if it's connected to the one on northern blvd near sunnyside/astoria. a little more expensive than your average mexican place, but the food is really good. and caters to large parties - i was there with a group of 20 recently.

              i also thought of bella via in LIC. there's a little bit of everything for the chowish folks (good pasta/seafood) and the nonadventurous (brick oven pizza). the last time i went there, there was a whole big party of about 10-12 sitting in the back, perhaps they could set that up for you? you could also go out for drinks to lounge 47 afterwards.

              korean restaurants in flushing/bayside can always cater a big group, even get you a private room with no problem. kum kang san, nam oh jung, dae dong manor, and ham ji bahk are all kalbi places that seem to please entire crowds. korean-chinese places also have private rooms/space for big groups - like sam won gahk and guh sung. a different cuisine altogether.

              there's also korean hwe, or sushi/sashimi places. but, it sounds like this might not please the nonadventurous types.