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Jun 8, 2007 12:27 PM

Soto BYOB?

Has anyone been to Soto recently? I'm going tomorrow night and just wondering if it's still BYOB.


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  1. best to call and find out. i went early on and was told it was BYO when called for reservations. this was over a moth ago though... enjoy, the meal was very good :-)
    and report!

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    1. re: nuxvomica

      Went to Soto last night with 3 other people. We had about 10 small dishes, a sushi omakase which consisted of 12 pieces and a special roll. The sushi wasn't very memorable but the broiled lobster dish with mango and shitake was so good that we ordered an extra after. Other memorable dishes are the Langoustine, the Uni with Ika, the kara-age flounder and the kampachi tartar with pine nuts. The bill came out to be $340 inc. tax and tip for 4 people. I would definitely go again but not order sushi, maybe just some uni. I loved the appetizers and kitchen dishes. It was definitely enough food between the 4 of us and we all can eat. I feel that the price is very reasonable for the quality of food. I really don't understand why people complain about leaving hungry, they must be use to huge portions. BTW, it's still BYO.

      1. re: lanadai

        Sushi here is wonderfully exquisite; yes...have written home about it, with one caveat. Have dined several times at the bar, offerings prepared by Kosugi..and; have had once or twice by his assistants. Same deal as Yasuda, when seated in front of the master, the sushi is discernably better. Same fish; devil, and all else, lie in slicing technics and handling (cupping) of rice. Too firm, one outcome, etc... Kosugi, a true master of the craft. The kitchen food and apps are also worth a visit. Haven't had the tasting yet, though sure it's fabulous. Soto is destined to become the below 14th street neighborhoody sushi go-to place of choice. I look forward to its ascent.