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Jun 8, 2007 12:15 PM

Need a Lovely Place with an Ocean View in Malibu Area

I would like to take a few people to a special dinner in a small, uncrowded place with an ocean view. Preferably as close to the beach as possible. I have been to Sunset and Geoffrey's, neither of which has remarkable food, but the view was nice. I am open to Santa Monica as well, but thought it might be much more crowded. In any event, I appreciate any feedback!

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  1. There are more options in SM than Malibu. How about the resturant at the Hotel Casa Del Mar? Right on the beach, great view and good food.

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    1. re: scrappydog

      Try Moonshadows. Its right on PCH and the water. Cant promise that it wont be crowded, but it depends on when you go. The view is incredible, even at night.

      1. re: Cheflambo

        The Sunset Restaurant is pretty good and EXCELLENT VIEW!!!!!!!
        6800 Westward Beach Road, Malibu


        (310) 457-1519
        27400 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu


        LOVE this place too!!!
        Beau Rivage
        (310) 456-5733
        26025 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu

        1. re: barcelona

          I have been to Sunset and Geoffrey's. What is Beau Rivage like? Thanks!

          1. re: barcelona

            does beau rivage havea view?? if i recall correctly isn't it on the hillside of pch? and not on the ocean? if it's the place i'm thinking of, it's really very delicious, expensive, but delicious... i don't remember a view at all.. i just rememebr they had their own gardens...

          2. re: Cheflambo

            Is the food good? I have always thought this was more of a bar?

          3. re: scrappydog

            Thank you for that suggestion. I called to make a reservation and they will not promise a table with a view. So I am still looking. It looks wonderful, though!

            1. re: db963

              The Lobster
              Catch at Casa del Mar

              1. re: yogachik

                We went to Catch on Mother's Day & enjoyed it for both food (seafood) & view. It's expensive. There's also One Pico at Shutters, next door. Even without a window seat most tables have an ocean view at both places--but window is best. Most places will not guarantee a window, but they will try. Or you can wait for one. The Lobster is usually crowded.

              2. re: db963

                I don't think Beau Rivage has a view. It's on the land side of pch and seems to be perched somewhat low. Catch at Casa del Mar has good food, an ocean view and it's even if it's full, it doesn't seem crowded or especially loud.

                1. re: whatsfordinner

                  What about The Penthouse at The Huntley in SM? I also second Catch

                  1. re: Densible

                    Love both of these places... esp since a friend of mine is a cocktail waitress at the Huntley