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Jun 8, 2007 12:11 PM

Wild Salmon

Pedestrian - maybe worse....

This is a not ready for prime time restaurant. Tepid decor, ill-informed service, bland food, and the worst soundtrack i've heard in a restaurant in years (some kind of vile smooth jazz featuring vocals that would make a billy goat puke).

I lunched there today - and I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Food is stunningly bland - i went for the Wild King Salmon on a plank ($28), and there was nothing distinctive about the taste or presentation. My dining partner had the halibut fish and chips and the dish had zero taste.

Our waitress was well meaning but incompetent.

Not sure what Jeff Chodorow is thinking with this one but i would be shocked if this place makes it past the summer.

This is what happens when you get caught up in gimmick restaurants vs. classic restaurants.

Stay away - there is no compelling reason to eat here....

- F'Hed

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  1. I ate at Wild Salmon last Friday and was very pleased. I did not notice the "vile" soundtrack, but I found the space to be lovely and airy. My GF raved about the oysters and I very much liked the corn and crab bisque (chowder? I don't remember). They serve a wonderful foccacia fresh from the oven which was one of the best breads I have had in a long time.

    I had the Sockeye Salmon cedar planked with a pinot sauce and it was delicious. The cedar flavor was rather delicate and perhaps the sauce overpowered it a bit, but the sauce was an excellent complement to the salmon regardless. My GF's crab legs were moist and tender and delicious. And they give a good portion for the price -- very meaty.

    We shared a creamed corn for a side which was delish and compulsively eatable.

    We did not get dessert but there were some options which sounded very tempting.

    Service was very attentive and polite.

    We did not realize this was a Chowdorow restaurant when we went there, we were just in the mood for seafood and I wanted something nicer than Docks in the neighborhood. Honestly, I don't think having his name attached to it would have been a factor either way.

    It wasn't a cheap dinner, for sure, but thoroughly enjoyable.

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      I ate there last month and the mussels (appetizer selection) were amazing. I must go back again soon just for the mussels. The fresh foccaccia bread was delicious with the white wine parsley sauce.

    2. I had lunch there about a month ago and it was OK, but on the expensive side. We had a tuna salad over soba noodles and soft shell crab. Nothing wonderful or terrible about it. I thought the space was fine and the service was competent as well. It is just the prices that will keep me from going back.