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Jun 8, 2007 12:11 PM


DH will be there for almost a week at a training soon. He's staying at the Indigo Hotel by the racetrack. Breakfasts and Lunches will be provided, but he'll be on his own for dinner most nights. I'm sure he'll get restless and want to leave the hotel...any good (and in hubby's case, cheap!) places to eat within walking distance? (A mile or so...). Bonus points for good Indian and/or Mexican, under $20 for dinner not including drinks. TIA!

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  1. Bad location for easily walkable food! He might want to check if the hotel offers a shuttle. If yes, it's a fairly quick ride into downtown Arlington Heights where Fuego would meet the Mexican request and AltThai is a good choice for Thai. Armands, new and also in Arlington Heights has also been getting good recs for Italian.

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      Thanks, that's a start. How close is the El/trains....if its close enough, are there places worth going to without going all the way into the city???

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        In Arlington Heights, you are NOT close to the El Trains. The hotel is located on Northwest Highway about 0.5-0.75 miles from the Arlington Park METRA Rail station ( From there, you would take a 33 minute train ride to the Jefferson Park Station where you can transfer to the Blue Line Train to the Loop. It would take about 75 minutes and $5.45 to get to the Loop.

        Having said that, there a re a number of very good restaurants along the METRA rail stations in Park Ridge, Mt. Prospect, Edison Park, Barrington, etc. withot heading to the Loop

        1. re: jlawrence01

          Care to share any of those restaurants along the Metra Rail line closer to Arlington Park?

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            How serious is the under $20 requirement? That makes it a bit tough in that area. You have Don Juan's in Edison Park, pretty good Japanese at Sakura near the Metra station in Mt. Prospect. If you do not have a Mitsuwa near where you live, there is one in AH, not especially reachable on public transportation but it is not far either, nice food court and shopping. I am fond of Retro Bistro in Mt. Prospect, again not that far although it is not on the Metra line. Only Mitsuwa is really in the under $20 category though.

            1. re: bibi rose

              Well, he'll be on a perdiem that isn't terribly knowing him he'll want to save money where he can. He's not a big dinner eater so will probably just have an entree wherever he think entrees under 20 bucks. No idea what Mitsuwa is, mention food it some kind of Asian store? If so I think he would really enjoy that...can you tell me more?

              1. re: janetofreno

                Mitsuwa is a Japanese supermarket chain. Bourdain went there on the New Jersey episode of No Reservations. It's at Arlington Heights and Algonquin. About 3 mi. away from where he will be. IMO, a shame to miss it if you don't have one near home. It is not open terribly late at night but certainly in the early evening. If I were close by and wanted to eat on the cheap side I would definitely go. The food court has quite a few nice options, plus you could bring a donburi or some teriyaki back to the room.

                1. re: janetofreno

                  Even if he is willing to walk, a lot of times there are no sidewalks along the road.

                  If he can rent a car or is willing to take a cab (or if the hotel offers a shuttle) then he is less than 10 minutes by car to several Indian restaurants. One of my favorites, Gaylord of India, is behind Streets of Woodfield.

                  Other than that, I'm going to second the recommendations of La Tasca Tapas or Fuego in downtown Arlington Heights, but I personally wouldn't attempt to walk.

              2. re: janetofreno

                Barrington -

                Chessie's Restaurant
                200 Applebee St
                (847) 382-5020


                Mia Cucina
                56 West Wilson Street
                (847) 358.4900

                Siri Thai II.
                40 West Palatine Road

                Arlington Heights

                La Tasca Tapas Restaurant
                25 W. Davis St.
                Phone: 847-398-2400

                Peggy Kinnane's Irish Restaurant and Pub
                8 N. Vail
                Phone: 847-577-7733

                Edison Park-

                Don Juan's
                Nonno Pino
                Zia's Trattoria
                Tony's Subs and a great bakery next door
                Nam Viet

                ALL these are within 3-4 blocks of the METRA rail station and all will generally be under $20 WITHOUT alcohol.

                Mitsuwa and Schaumburg are NOT within easy walking distance and the the Pace Bus system is not the easiest to negotiate. The last time I walked from Schaumburg to teh Palatine train station, it was eight miles on some very busy (non-sidewalked roads). Your friend is better off sticking to the rails.

                There is an Au Bon Pain adjacent to the hotel. Eurofresh Market is about 1.5 miles away on Northwest Highway and has a great deli, hot food table, and bakery.

                1. re: jlawrence01

                  Mia Cucina closed a couple months ago. The last I heard is they're searching for a new location, but nothing's set yet.

                  1. re: chris

                    I think Brockway Chop House is in the Mia Cucina spot now. A good steak/beer upscale place.

                    A cab ride away at Quentin/Euclid is Sushi Ai, very good, fresh sushi/Japanese. I would also second Sakura in Mt Prospect, and Retro Bistro, on Golf/Busse in MP.