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Jun 8, 2007 11:50 AM

Gari Sushi vs Sushi by Gari

Have reservation for dinner on Mon. at Gari on the Westside. Really liked Sushi by Gari on Eastside. How does the West side outpost compare?

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  1. I prefer the east side one - was just there last night - but just marginally so and the room on the UWS is much pretty, despite the UES renovation. Can't tell you why though, I'm afraid - we went to the UWS awhile ago, and that's just the impression I remember coming away with. I think part of it was that the UWS seemed more expensive, but now that they've raised the wine/sake prices on the UES, it may come out to be the same.

    1. A few years ago (?) I remember the east side being better. On the West Side one, they wouldn't bring the Gari sushi piece by piece, just all at once. Maybe it was just that night. The West side space is very nice. And the one in the theatre district too.

      1. We are going to Gari on the west side tonight. Stupid quetion, but would it be appropriate if my husband wore nice long khaki shorts and a nice button down shirt?

        I haven't been to Sushi of Gari in a while (and never on the west side) but I don't remember the east side one being formal at all.

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          never been to gari west but it should be fine. i usually go casual for sushi at places like gari east, yasuda, seki, kuruma, etc.

          1. re: censorone

            Thanks. I didn't see this respond before we left and since it got cooler out anyway, he wore pants. I think it was better as the west side location is definitely nicer than the east side one.