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Jun 8, 2007 11:45 AM

Ace Asian in Thornwood, NY

Any word on this place? Got an "excellent" in the NY Times in 2005, and it sounds wonderful. Any first-hand reports? Thanks.

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  1. We went once right after the "excellent" write-up. It was ok, not that special. I can't remember what we ate. Sorry I can't provide more info.

    1. My picky husband says the sushi is very fresh, he likes it.

      I've always had enjoyable meals there, though it is a small restaurant so a reservation is a must on the weekends. The prices are very reasonable for Westchester. I do find their menu unwieldy -- it's enormous, with tons of specials and tasting menus and a wide range of foods (Asian-influenced, but also steak and potatoes).

      They have their menu online at

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        No menu prices online. HOW ANNOYING!!! Do these restaurants think they are "fooling" people by not posting prices? This is not the first time I've seen no prices on a resto web site, but it is VERY annoying, and gives me second thoughts about patronizing the place. This practice actually does more to deter business rather than attract it, IMHO.

        1. re: menton1

          I haven't been in a few months so I don't recall prices. I just remember that even with a couple of drinks, appetizers, and entrees it seemed like a good deal for a nice restaurant with better than average food.

          I bet they'd fax the menu if you want prices before you go.

          1. re: theatmosphere

            we've been a few times and the food and the service were great. I don't remember the pricing either as we have not been in a while but I'd go back in a second as the food was fab!

        2. re: theatmosphere

          I was there tonight. I know what you mean about the menu. It's put together in such a strange and confusing way, appetizers here, appetizers there, entrees in between. Oh, and then there are more entrees on the next page! It took us a while to figure it all out. Ordering was odd, too; the waiter seemed really unsure of what was going on. But then the food came out quickly, and was really delicious. We didn't have sushi but tried several hot dishes, from the bouillabaise to the roasted salmon to the bimbapbop. I’d go again, and sit outside. It’s nice to eat outside even if the surroundings are not exactly scenic. We had a reservation (it was Sat night) but the place was half empty.

        3. Well, we went over to Ace at 6:30 on a Sunday evening, and the place was absolutely empty! Having Asian food on the brain, we scooted down to Haiku in Bronxville, which was packed. Just have an aversion to being the sole diners in a restaurant.

          How could a resto that got an "excellent" just 2 years ago in the NY Times (top rating) be empty on a weekend? Is it that Thornwood is just an out-of-the-way location?

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          1. re: menton1

            It was very empty on Saturday night, too. The mood was a bit off, but the food was very, very good.

            1. re: menton1

              I ate there several times after they first opened. I thought it was great. Then last March (2006), we took my son there for his birthday. They charged us $2 each for green tea (which my son pointed out was on the menu after I ordered it) and a $1 fee for substituting crab for salmon in a roll (which they had not done the first time we were there and did the same thing). They did something that also annoyed me but I forget what. While the food was good, we haven't been back since.

              1. re: MisterBill2

                Is this place almost done? Went by on a Sat at 8 and the place was empty. Walked out because it felt weird to be eating there alone on a Sat night. What's up with Ace? Is this what an "Excellent" in the Times gets you?

                1. re: menton1

                  I know. It's kind of spooky. It's been that way for months. How can they survive?

                  1. re: menton1

                    I had lunch there a few weeks ago because I got a discount coupon, and it was excellent. They no longer charge for green tea (see my earlier post). Sadly, they pulled the coupon; I was planning to start eating there regularly again.

                    I wonder if they annoyed enough people with their petty charges and caused others to stop eating there as well?

                    BTW they were moderately busy for lunch on a Monday.

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