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Jun 8, 2007 11:38 AM

Weekend lunch spots downtown DC?

I'll be in downton DC (Grand Hyatt) for the weekend and am looking for some good spots for a business lunch. Based on recent experience, many of the decent downtown restaurants don't serve lunch at the weekend. I'm hoping an exerienced 'hound can help sniff out the exceptions.

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. There should be a few things in the area open for lunch or even brunch.

    I know Poste and Cafe Atlantico are open on the weekends for lunch/brunch and they are in the Penn Quarter area (where your hotel is I believe). Poste would probably be better for a business lunch but both have great food.

    Smith and Wollensky is nearby and open for lunch. I've never been there so I have no clue what the food is like but its open.

    If you are looking to move out of the Penn Quarter and Downtown area and closer to the Capitol Bistro Bis is an excellent idea for a weekend lunch/brunch spot. Their food is wonderful, it's oftentimes filled with politcos and businessmen so the atmosphere is condusive to what you need.

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        Thanks, these are really useful suggestions. I've heard good things about Bistro Bis as a locale, but I think it's too far away for my purposes (lunch between meetings). I had dinner a group at the Hotel George that was catered by the Bistro and it was quite lovely.
        Smith and Wollensky. I've never eaten their either, because it's always seemed like an old guy's hangout, or young banker louts. Probably I should try it sometime -- could be quite different from what I imagine.
        Will give Poste and Altantico a hard look. Thanks again.

      2. Tabard Inn is not downtown, but it is a short cab ride or metro ride away. It serves lunch on weekends and is fine for a business lunch. Zaytinya will be open, and is not far away. It might not be conducive to business conversation if it is very crowded, but it's usually not too crowded on Saturdays.

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          The menu at Zaytinya looks great. Sadly some business folks get a little creeped out by the "let's share" dim sum, tapas, mezze kind of thing. I'd definitely head to this place with friends.

          I've heard good things about the Inn and will going there for at least one meal on this trip. The fact that Tabard sounds like scabbard makes me thing the place will have knaves in hose as servers.

        2. Your going to look like a hotshot after my list TRUST ME!

          All are located in the Chinatown Area

          Zaytinya (Mediterranean) Named the best restaurant for DDP conference a couple weeks back @ the convention center Sexy High End Buildout
          Oya (Sushi) Sexy High End Buildout
          Match Box (Wood fire Pizza casual) Rustic Buildout
          Rosa Mexicana (best drinks and guacamole) Sexy build out

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          1. re: washdcrealestate

            I don't think Zaytinya is really conducive to a business lunch. It's kinda nosiy and they always have music playing....samething goes for Matchbox.

            And Rosa Mexicana is a major rip off for food that isn't even that great. Go to Ceiba instead if you are looking for a place to impress you with guacamole made tableside.

            Also just thought about Central or TenPen which aren't that far from the Penn Quarter area. Haven't been to Central yet so don't know about noise level or if its open for lunch of weekends (same goes for TenPen being open) but TenPen is good for a business lunch.

            1. re: Elyssa

              Thanks for mentioning the music at Zaytinya -- I had almost convinced myself my lunch guests would just to get with the program and share the food. But we do at least need to have a conversation.

              Took me a minute or two to dig up info on TenPen. I think I'll start the other two (Poste and Atlantico) and see how it goes.

            2. re: washdcrealestate

              Well, thanks -- little old me a hot-shot, and just for the price of lunch. Zaytinya's clearly got a big fan base.
              I was not attuned to "sexy build out" before now, but I think I'll know it when I see it.

            3. Also Acadiana and PS7 isn't that far from your hotel. Both have EXCELLENT food and chic atmosphere but its not a boom boom loud atmosphere. I know a number of people who have conducted business dinners at Acadiana.

              I have no clue if they are open for dinner on the weekends but they are worth a look. They will impress your clients with their chic layout (especially PS7) but won't have a club feeling like Zaytinya.