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Jun 8, 2007 11:37 AM

Eggs Benedict in Philly

Hi Chowhounders-
I have a good friend coming into town for a long weekend who is CRAZY for Eggs Benedict. I was hoping the chowhounders could suggest some places that either do:
a) great traditional Eggs Benedict - the standard ingredients done very well
b) unusual & fun Eggs Benedict (spanish, crabcake, cajun, etc.)

I am relatively new to the city (2 months) so while I know that Morning Glory frequently has an EB special that is good, and Marathon on the Square is generally reliable for all brunchy-type things, beyond that I am pretty much in the woods. From searching the board, I am reading good things about N. 3rd, Caribou Cafe and Azure - anyone had the Eggs Benedict there?

I'd love recs of great places for EB as well as ones to stay away from - I'm hoping to feed them to my friend every day while she is here as a surprise so I'm depending on you all for help!

Thanks so much chowhounders - happy brunching!

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  1. I worked at Azure for several years (about 3 years ago) and loved their eggs benedict. They have gone through several chef changes since then and I do not know how they are. I am a vegetarian, but would order three eggs, with the tangy lime hollandaise sauce on top of crunchy baguette. Amazing.

    I have had them at Aspen in Fairmount and was diasapointed. Too little food.

    I am definately listening in to this one. Extra bonus points on my end for suggestions of a place that has a vegetarian version.

    1. London Cafe in the Art Museum area has a really nice brunch. I love their EB. Sometimes they have an EB special prepared differently than the traditional way.
      BTW: they have a great burger as well. Good Bloodys too!

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        check out the eggs martha at astral plane. YUM!!!

        1. re: jba1216

          second the eggs martha, hit the bloody mary bar too. Astral Plane's dinner gets a lot of negative press, but their brunch is very solid.

      2. I love the Mississippi Eggs Benedict at the 10th Street Pour House (10th between Spruce and Locust)... poached eggs, fried catfish, and a spicy hollandaise over english muffins!

        They also have a cajun EB with, I think, andouille sausage.

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          I recently had the EB at Cantina Los Caballitos and was blown away - still thinking about when I can get back there again! A combo of poached eggs, chorizo, and chipotle hollandaise sauce over an english muffin.

        2. I haven't had them in a while, but one standout I remember was at Rembrant's in Fairmount. They have a dish called Eggs Basildict, which is an Italian-ish twist on the dish, with poached eggs, sweet Italian sausage and a tomato basil cream. Really great, and this reminds me to go back for them!

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