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Jun 8, 2007 11:26 AM

Late Night Dining at Yo Mama's

Had a midnight meal at Yo Mama's last night...I'd heard this joint was on peer level status with Port Of Call in the burger department.Not true.The patty was nice and plump and was of decent quality beef.There was no char on the outside but it came as ordered med rare,topping choice was bacon[along with mayo,lettuce and tomato] which was not of the best quality.The bun was standard issue and had been neither toasted nor grilled...the end result being a big soggy mess.The quintessential NOLA burger side is a baker and this one had seen better days[Ay Jed]the topping were cheddar[bland]butter[not enough]and more of the flat tasting bacon.The Tequila menu is lengthy and diverse,there is both cage and pole dancing on the tiny stage and the bartender[who was also the server]kept the joint rocking with some very good musical selections[and rendered good service].Yo Mama's became the supper choice after a night of drinking and realizing that most of the restaurants in the vicinity roll up the silverware by 10 pm.I'd go back,skip the food and concentrate on Tequila drinking and soaking in some very fine atmosphere

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  1. everytime i'm at yo mama's there is so much butter on the potato that it pretty much coats the plate with a layer of melted butter. and i put a good amount of their green sauce on it. and i prefer their juicy, i say vs soggy, burger to the charred dry one from port of call. and some of the juice is from the butter leaking from the potato. and if i remember correctly the port of call doesn't toast their bread either, do they? i've never had mama's bacon burger so i can't comment on that. i usu go with the blue cheese or the peanut butter burger. i think betw the port and mama's it really comes down to the style of burger you like. i go to port of call every so often but still find i prefer yo mama's.

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      I've been going to Port of Calls for years, thinking it was the best burger in town. Until... I went to Yo Mama's. In comparison, Port of Calls' burger is extremely dry. I find myself adding ketchup every bite, just to get it down. Yo Mama's has definitely replaced POC for me. True, this is not for the dieter, but very delicious. I love the peanut butter burger. I know what you're thinking, sounds gross... NO WAY! This burger is great. I've never had anything I didn't like there. I'm going there tonight as a matter of fact! Peace people, and try Yo Mama's!

    2. scrum, If you're up during,daylight, try their crawfish. I had some yesterday and they were great.

      1. Yo Mamas' is probably the best burger in NO proper (tied with The Harbor out in Metairie) when overall value is taken into account. In six years I've never had to wait more than five minutes to be seated, the service is quick and the food is delicious. POC, the wait is SOOOOO bogus and the burgers are dry. YM all the way, no question.

        Blue cheese or PB are the best... second place to the BBQ.

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          im voting for Port of Call :). i always eat at the bar, even w/ friends, and havent had to wait more than 20 mins. the burgers are dry if ordered anything over Medium, but Medium (which is a tad less-than there) is the way to go. for me the quality of the beef, plethora of cheese, thick fresh onion, and the awesome potato make it worth it.

          only complaint: bacos bits, instead of real bacon bits like at Snug Harbor.

          while i do like the Peanut Butter Burger at Yo Mamma's, their patties and potatoes are of lesser quality, imo. and like another said the potato is over compensating w/ butter, running all over the plate n stuff.