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Jun 8, 2007 11:24 AM

izakaya-ish happenings in the north OC?

meeting up with a friend for dinner tonight... was thinking of some drinkies and grillies as usual, but she lives out in the east SGV/brea area. she could come out west and we could go to the usual spots in torrance or whatever, but anyone got any recs for something izakaya-ish out that way? i'm thinking fullerton, etc. only place that comes to mind is honda-ya in tustin (not even sure how close that is)... but basically just want to try something newish/outside of my comfort zone that will duly reward me with good food and a nice alcoholic headache come saturday moanin'.

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  1. The only places I can think of are south of the 405 on Brookhurst. Kappa Hondo, Shin Shen Gumi and Tsurahashi. Oh, and there are some places in Costa Mesa, never been to those though.

    1. This might be out of your way. How about Ojiya in Hacienda Heights? Its located in a strip mall off Gale and Hacienda. Yakitori, small plates, noodles....try the Kaisen Zosui if you like porridge.

      1. There's this place that I used to go to called Akasaka in Hacienda Heights. It's located in a residential area, and finding it is an adventure. Family owned and has a loyal following. Authentic Japanese. Father has handed the reigns for the sushi bar to daughter, and mother plays waitress.

        They serve sushi mostly, but they have good udon, tempura etc.

        Akasaka Restaurant
        14926 Clark Ave
        Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
        (626) 336-0871