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Jun 8, 2007 11:05 AM

What is Pizzeria Delfina like on a Friday night?

We are going to a dance recital at 9 PM tonight at 17th and Shotwell in the Mission. Leaving north Berkeley around 7 we would like to grab a casual dinner beforehand nearby. We thought of Pizzeria Delfina, a place we've been wanting to try.

On Friday night can we expect a wait to get in? A long wait? A very long wait?

If so, other ideas appreciated. Tartine? We are currently Mexican-fooded out, so those options though always good are out for now.


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  1. You almost always have to wait for a table at Pizzeria Delfina - but it's worth it. As you may or may not know, it is a very small place. They have about 7 (small tables) inside and another 4 or 5 outside - but it's usually too cold to sit outside in the evening. I would expect a wait of at least 1/2 hour possibly up to 1 hr. Good luck!

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      And if you have a group of more than 2 people, you may wait an especially long time since there are really only 4 or maybe 5 tables inside, all of them two tops, so if there are more than two of you, you have to wait for someone else to leave so they can push the tables together.

      Another idea is Bar Bambino, not too far away which has two communal tables. It's been getting pretty good reviews, including from me.

      Or you could go to Ti Couz, where there will be a wait but perhaps not at the bar (for a small group) and there are more tables so the wait will be less than at Pizzeria Delfina.

      For something really casual there's always Pakwan or even Truly Mediterranean, both on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero.

      There's a new restaurant on 18th between Valencia and Guerrero called Farina that just opened.

      1. re: farmersdaughter

        Cool folks. Thanks! Looks like we'll need some backups in our pocket.

        Actually, we may order from Pizzeria Delfina on the way, pick it up, and head to Dolroes Park for a picnic.

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          There was a highly positive report recently for Farina a new italian place almost across the street from Delfina. I think its new enough that you may be able to walk in.

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            You could try Paulines Pizza on Valencia around 14th. Just as good as delfina IMO. Very fresh produce, great dough, terrific salads. Paulines has been there forever so the hype isn't quite the same as Delfina, but the pie is legit!


      2. Turns out our event was at 7 PM so we just had dinner nearby afterwards. Walk right in to Delfina and sat at the bar and had a fantabulous meal! There was a 30 minute wait at the Pizzeria.