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Jun 8, 2007 11:02 AM

What's With The 6 PM Line Outside Sprinkles?

I drive past Sprinkles on Little Santa Monica every evening on my way home from work. Inevitably, there's a line 20 deep outside the place. What gives? Are they giving away/discounting the day's remaining stash? Do that many people need a 6 PM sugar fix?

Thanks for the scoop!

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  1. I don't know, but it's definitely not worth the wait . I picked up Sprinkles cubcakes once during an off time (there was hardly any line)...they were good, but nothing spectacular. I prefer Auntie Em's cupcakes, especially the red velvet ones.

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    1. re: Obessed

      Auntie Em's carrot with raisins...MMmmmmm...

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        I highly suggest Leda's. Because they are smaller, there is less cake to be dry, plus many of them have fillings.

        1. re: Muhlyssa

          I second the rec...No I mean, don't go to Leda's. Avoid Leda's!! No reason to crowd Leda's! Stay Away! ;)

        2. re: Obessed

          Auntie' Em's does have the best cupcakes, I agree. However, for Red Velvet cake...nobody beats Doughboys.

        3. The line is there all day long, from what I can tell. Having tried Sprinkles dry and overly sweet product, I find it hard to understand what draws these folks.

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            Yep, the line is there pretty much all day. I'm with most of you -- I sometimes think the cupcakes are good but not great, and other times worse: when worse, the cake is tasteless and a little dry, and the frosting overly sweet. I'm not sure it is so much which cupcake I've had as inconsistency in the preparation. (The frosting is always sweet, but sometimes the cake is better than other times.)

            The line moves relatively quickly, btw.

          2. my question is.. what's with the apparent cupcake phenomenon??? am i missing something? i just don't get it...

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            1. re: kinipela

              I agree that Sprinkles is waay overrated. Too much sickly sweet frosting and the cake is too sugary as well. They have a great PR machine. I much prefer Jamaicas cakes cupcakes.

            2. ok, i'll speak for the people in the long line. (even though i've never waited in a line for a cupcake)
              if you take away the overrated-ness and take away the fact that there might be something better down the street, you've got a sweet delicious cupcake that you didn't have to bake yourself and you've got something to do like wait in a line instead of sitting at home.

              1. No discounts. I drive by there on my way home from work every day. I think people are buying cupcakes for dinner parties and the weekend. The line is always longer on Friday and Saturday. Maybe they don't live near Yummy Cupcakes or Buttercake Bakery where the cupcakes are moister and better and cheaper.