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Jun 8, 2007 10:44 AM

Frog Leg Inn (SE MI)?

Hey, Michigan hounds, has anyone tried the Frog Leg Inn in Michigan's extreme southeast corner, very near the Ohio line? I went by it the other day and wondered about it, not least because I love frog legs when I can get 'em. Monroe County is not known for great eating, but it looks as though somebody went to quite a bit of effort to turn an old small-town house into a destination. Thanks for any 411.

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  1. jim, i can't help with any info on the Frog Leg Inn....but Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips has frog legs, I had them last night as a part of their shrimp, frog leg & fish combo, delish times 3!
    All the good things said by other hounds about Scotty's fish applys to their legs & shrimp too! One day I might even get around to trying the chicken I'll bet its great.

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      1. Jim,

        You may have already found out what you wanted by now, but here's my opinion. The Frog Leg Inn has been one of my favorite restaurants since I moved to SE MI in early 2004. I used to live in Monroe and would go whenever I could. Now that I live in Ypsilanti, I don't get out that way much, but when I do I make it a special occassion. The food is fabulous. I've tried just about everything. The owners and staff are super friendly, down-to-earth and helpful. Catherine has made some memorable recommendations off their wine list and has always been willing to chat when possible. The atmosphere is upscale but also casual. I've never felt out of place dressed up or down there.

        As for their frog legs, I have to admit that I had my first there so I can't give a comparison, but it pleased MY palate.

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          Thanks for the report. I haven't been there yet, but it's definitely on the docket. Sounds like the perfect Monroe County Saturday afternoon--the Woodtick Peninsula, followed by the Frog Leg Inn.

          Vietnamese cuisine seems to include frog legs also--some of the places in Windsor have them.

          1. re: Jim M

            OK, I went tonight, and I found it an odd combination of fine-dining restaurant and small-town tavern. The chief plus was the entree, scallops in beet-orange sauce with little beet-goat cheese medallions in the center. It was $17.95, and I wouldn't have minded paying five or six dollars more--original, beautifully presented, and totally satisfying.

            This gem, believe it or not, was accompanied by a baked potato and sauerkraut--just about the least compatible side dishes you can imagine. Why those? Well, they were the vegetable and starch of the day (see what I mean about the small-town tavern?). There were a lot of pork dishes on the menu, so that's what everybody got, whether they were ordering pork or not.

            It was a friendly place, and on balance I'd go again--still have to try the frog legs, which come in both appetizer and dinner portions.

            Frog Leg Inn
            2103 Manhattan St, Erie, MI 48133

            1. re: Jim M

              Hello bloggers,
              My name is Chef Tad, and I am the owner of the Frog Leg Inn. It's nice to hear people talking the place up. You seldom know if what you do gets noticed. Glad you liked the scallops Jim! As for the braised cabbage, we do mix it up from time to time. But every time I have a different vegetable, the customers ask where the cabbage is. You do have a choice of starches though. We also have great mashed potatoes, regular fries or sweet potato fries with a chipotle honey mustard dipping sauce. Thanks for trying us out!

              Chef Tad

              1. re: frogleginn

                I've actually told my family I'd like to try your place for my birthday this weekend!