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Jun 8, 2007 10:44 AM

Friday Night.. A Little Late- And Sunday Help in Seattle

We're going to be in town for three nights before taking our son up to Vancouver for an end of year get away.
Dinner Saturday will be with friends at Union. Our flight arrives after 8 PM so it'll be a late evening on Friday. We're staying downtown, but will have a car. No Asian (saving that for Vancouver). No over the top. We've got 7 nights out and our son is a chef at the Water Street in Olympia so he'll be cooking for us Monday night before we head further north.
We're coming from the Bay Area.

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  1. The same owner and chef at Union opened up an italian place called Travolata which is open late. Also Palace kitchen is a very good option for late night eats. Also while Vancouver may have the upper leg on seattle in Chinese food, IMO seattle blows away vancouver in vietnamese food. Places like Green Leaf. Tamarind Tree and Lemongrass are as good as I have had in North America, including Little Saigon in orange county.

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      it's actually Tavolata. Boat Street is nice for dinner. Definitely go to Sitka and Spruce. Le Pichet is nice for a lunch. Dinette if you feel like going up the hill. Serious Pie, Tom Douglas' new place, is great. Try the bread soup and a pizza made with local ingredients.

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        There are times I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't like Serious Pie.

        Anyways, I'd also throw in a reco for The Pink Door down in Pike's Place for dinner. Gotta love a flight of creme brulee for dessert.

        Purple (up on .. 4th?) is a good wine bar with good food.

        Seattle Art Museum's TASTE has been getting lots of good props around here.

        Lunch, Paseo up in Fremont for a pork sandwich. Go see the Troll, the heart of the Universe, the rocketship, and then have an awesome sandwich.

        Dinner, I love Pasta Freska on Westlake (the west side of lake union) is my experience there.