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Jun 8, 2007 10:32 AM

Storm King, wineries-where to lunch or brunch in lower Hudson Valley

I'm planning a day lower Hudson Valley road trip for this Sunday, with a short stop at Storm King and then on to a few wineries. I'd like some suggestions for where to get a nice lunch or brunch. Any recommendations for the wineries would also be appreciated. Storm King is on the west side of the Hudson, but I am open to eating or visiting wineries on either side. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've heard Whitecliff winery is good. Try the village tea room in New Paltz. The chicken salad is made with ground almonds, lots of cilantro, lime & a little jalapeno. It's topped with sweet roasted yellow peppers on local salad greens. very summery and bursting with fresh lusty flavors. Strawberry shortcake is also a winner.
    The Locust Tree on Huguenot St has a good brunch in a beautiful setting.

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      not sure where storm king is, but if you're mentioning new paltz, south of there (pine bush) is baldwin, which has some great dessert wines, and dessert/chocolate tasting on the weekends! they also are supposed to have the tastings in pawling as well (i went to one on memorial day weekend) a couple times during the summer.

      but for more info. on that stuff, check out the shawangunk wine trail...

    2. Brotherhood Winery is a popular winery up in that area, not sure how far it is from Storm King but it is on that side of the river. We went years ago and they have a nice tour. Here is their website... Sorry I am not really familiar with that area as far as restaurants go but I have been up to that Newburg waterfruont area and it is very nice with a variety of restaurants that are right on the river. I could give you more info on that if your interested. good luck

      1. I can't imagine a short trip to Storm King. It is amazing. I only toured one half and it ws a full day.

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          I agree with Quine - Storm King is definitely not a short stop. If you get tired walking around there is a tour bus/cart type thing. I really enjoyed my last trip there.

        2. Thank you, all. I got a late start,so I left Storm King for another day. Wine over art. I did go to locust tree for brunch and it was very nice, if a bit pricey ($20 -- and it did not include a hard drink). Beautiful setting, nice service and food. I got to Adair and Whitecliff, but did not make it to Baldwin. All in all a lovely day. Based on what you said, I'll give Storm King a day of its own.