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Jun 8, 2007 10:09 AM

Aquagrill or Blue Water Grill?

Which restaurant is better and how much $$ do you think we need for a party of 3?

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  1. Personally, I very much prefer Blue Water Grill. As for price, you haven't said what meal -- lunch? dinner?

    In any case, if you go to you can pick a restaurant and follow links to menus.

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    1. re: floretbroccoli

      I like Aquagrill better. But If you want lobster I believe they do not have any, except for lobster salad which they are out of lately.

      1. Aquagrill. I think that Blue Water Grill is very mediocre.

        1. Aquagrill without a question. Blue Water grill is more like any seafood restaurant you could find in Ft. Wayne Indiana or anywhere else for that matter it feels very chainy to me.
          Tough to say about price what are you ordering to drink and what kind of meals? Oysters?

          1. I like Aquagrille way better. Ambiance by a mile goes to Aquagrille, and I've had some great dinners there. Big fan.