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Aquagrill or Blue Water Grill?

Which restaurant is better and how much $$ do you think we need for a party of 3?

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  1. Personally, I very much prefer Blue Water Grill. As for price, you haven't said what meal -- lunch? dinner?

    In any case, if you go to http://www.brguestrestaurants.com you can pick a restaurant and follow links to menus.

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      I like Aquagrill better. But If you want lobster I believe they do not have any, except for lobster salad which they are out of lately.

      1. Aquagrill. I think that Blue Water Grill is very mediocre.

        1. Aquagrill without a question. Blue Water grill is more like any seafood restaurant you could find in Ft. Wayne Indiana or anywhere else for that matter it feels very chainy to me.
          Tough to say about price what are you ordering to drink and what kind of meals? Oysters?

          1. I like Aquagrille way better. Ambiance by a mile goes to Aquagrille, and I've had some great dinners there. Big fan.

            1. I haven't been to Acquagrill in a while. I have been to Blue Water Grill more recently. If I had to choose tonight I would go to Aquagrill.

              1. Definitely Aquagrill. $$ depends on if you go for oysters or other shellfish platters, but generally the two restaurants are comparable in terms of cost. The menus for both places are online.

                1. I'm an out-of-towner. Where is Aquagrill?

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                    menupages.com has address, phone, etc.. I don't think Aquagrill is on opentable.com so you'll need to call to reserve.

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                      Spring St @ 6th Ave. The E train is right across the street.

                      The selection of oysters and great portion sizes are well worth the money! And their wine list is well composed too.

                      Definitely Aquagrill!

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                        I love that Aquagrill still gets kudos. I lived in the village until 2000 and this was one of my top 3. I will be bringing a group from Chicago and DC there in September and look forward to a great time.

                    2. Add my voice to the Aquagrill chorus.

                      1. Aquagrill is the best choice, but avoid oysters, they can take forever (the shucker is more intererested in the game than serving customers).

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                          I disagree completely. Aquagrill's specialty is freshly shucked oysters, so even with two shuckers, the sheer numbers of oysters that need to be opened means there will be a wait. Next time you go, ask the server if there is a long wait for the oyster bar; if so, order an appetizer from the kitchen as a first course, have oysters second, and then have your entree.
                          Also, Aquagrill doesn't have a television, so I'm not sure what is meant by the comment about the shucker being more interested in the game.

                        2. Actually think oysters are better at blue water, though more expensive. Menu items better at aqua. $150-$200 to be safe, depending on drinking.

                          1. It depends on what you are looking for. They both have very good, fresh food. Aquagrill is a bit prettyer and more romantic, but can be cramped. BWG can get loud, but is a fun space, easy to get around and good for groups. While I haven't been to Aquagrill in years, I had lunch at BWG a month ago. The salad nichous (with tuna sushimi) was great, and my brother declared that his lobster sandwich was the best sandwich he had ever had.

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                              Sorry, I love the Aquagrill but the Blue water Grill is way more bang for the Buck.Eating in the Jazz Room is a great fun night.

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                                I like them both, but I'm giving the edge to Blue Water Grill. I just ate a Aqua Grill. Really cramped and while the food was good, we both thought it was a bit heavy.

                                Both are worth trying.