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Jun 8, 2007 10:01 AM

Cabernet Franc?

I tried some Cabernet Franc at a vineyard in Sonoma last year and fell in love with it. What are some good, moderately priced brands for Cabernet Franc that I could find in most wine stores?

Thanks :)

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  1. I love cabernet franc

    Lang&Reed makes some nice affordable ones.

    1. I'm a tremendous CabFranc fan. I can't tell you what you might find in a local store because every region stocks differently and you don't indicate where you are.

      My hands-down favorite is from Harrison. Pride is also well-known for their's but I don't think it gets into stores. From Sonoma, I really like Gundlach Bundschu's CabFranc.

      1. A lot of Loire Valley wines are Cab Franc and you can find some well-priced ones. I don't know how widely available this is, but I really enjoyed this bottle:

        2005 Domaine Saint Vincent Saumur-Champigny "Les Trezellières"

        And it was only 10 bucks! Drink it a little bit chilled for best results.

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          You are not likely to find much in the way of Cab Franc in most wine shops because very few wineries make it as a stand alone variatal. One of my favorites is the 1996 Beringer Thired Centry Howell Mountain, but it is not available anymore and it was not cheap. You might have luck finding some from Washington as they make a good bit (relative to other places, nobody makes a lot of it here in the US). Try looking for one by Chateau Ste. Michelle, Columbia, or by O/S. Pride makes a very good one, but it is expensive. La Jota, Lang and Reed, and Chateau St. Jean all make a pretty good one. Your are more likely to be able to find someone who is doing a Bordeaux blend that is majority cab franc. They make a good bit of it in Canada, New York, and of all places Virginia.

          1. re: dinwiddie

            There is one from New York (Long Island) that I really like, which is the Schneider Cabernet Franc. But, it is a small production and I've been having trouble locating it even in NYC. Its very good, though.

            1. re: jdf

              Paumanok on LI also makes excellent cabernet franc. A great winery.

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                I love that Schneider Cab Franc as well (after trying it at the Harrison) but agree that it is really difficult to find... but what a great glass of wine!

                1. re: jdream

                  Do you know of any stores that currently have it? Astor Wines used to, but no more. I heard Red, White and Bubbly may have it. But, other than that can't find it anywhere.

                  1. re: jdf

                    Maybe try Vintage New York. They only have NY state wines, so they're likely to carry it.


                    1. re: jdf

                      I'm pretty sure that if you go online you can order it through the vineyard directly. The only place I was ever able to find it was Astor.

            2. best cab franc from calif is pride!

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              1. re: rickym13

                few more cab franc that i like....but these can be little costly.

                chappellet pritchard hill cab franc
                crocker & starr cab franc
                larkin cab franc
                paradigm cab franc

                1. re: rickym13

                  Pam Starr and Heidi Barrett make darn good cab franc!

              2. my favorite Cali Cab Franc is Chimney Rock's.