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Jun 8, 2007 09:49 AM

Eating before a cubs game

Flying in to Chicago...Monday morning for business and have my son comming along...

Staying out at Midaway and plan on taking the EL into the Cubs game...have all afternoon and the game starts at 7...

Any suggestions about eating before the game...either in the loop or in Wrigleyville...we like almost anything but a great steak is always on our mind.

Any suggestions much appreciated.


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  1. Off the beaten path, but near Wrigley (6 or 7 blocks due west): Tango Sur. They specialize in Argentine steak. It's a fattier, chewier steak, and not the same grade as you'll find in the high-end Chicago restaurants. I like it, but mileage varies. On the other hand, it's a quaint storefront restaurant (can't say that often about a steak place) and hugely popular with locals. It's byob, so if you go, you can grab a bottle of red wine at the wineshop across the street (Que Syrah).

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      To enjoy the total experience of a Cub home game, I would suggest having a beer and a brat at one of the bars close to Wrigley such as Murphy's Bleachers which is located across the street from the Wrigley Field bleacher entrance. All of the bars within a block or two of Wrigley serve causual food and are usually packed with enthusiastic fans.

    2. You know, one place that is nice and cool before a hot game is Goose Island right on Clark just a few doors down from Wrigley. I've found that the place is not THAT packed before (or after) the game.

      Goose Island
      3535 N Clark

      But I do agree with the poster that recommended Murphy's Bleachers. I go there quite a bit, but I may be looking to 'upgrade' my Wrigley experience a bit ... not sure if my wallet will be able to afford it though.

      1. If you have all afternoon, then I would suggest Smith and Wollensky for good steaks. Or Hugos Frog Bar. There's not much around the park that would match that. If you do a search for steak places here in Chicago, you'll get various opinions, but it's truly up to your taste. You may want to narrow your search with your budget requirements, if any, to where you're willing to travel. The more specific you are in your request, the more likely you'll receive the information that will find the place that's best for you.

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          Murphy's Beachers was perfect...Monday night was great...terrific game...can;t wait to do it again.