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TO: Porkchops !


I'm looking for a restaurant (GTA) that serves juicy tender porkchops... any suggestions?
Thanks. =)

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  1. See my new review of Red's... I had a fantastic pork chop there last night.

    My other best memory-of-pork in the past few months involves a chop from the Rosebud.

    1. From time to time, JK will do chops from Michael Stadtlander's orgainically raised pigs.

      1. The Porkchop at Vertical has blown my mind every time I have had it (in more than one incarnation). The chef brines them overnight, and then injection brines them before service, cook's them medium served with a whole roasted cubanelle pepper, roasted sunchokes and parsley jus (as of last week). It is one of those dishes that I would happily order again, and again.


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          I just noticed that Vertical has a grilled porkchop on their summerlicious menu ! I'll be trying that for sure.

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            Just tried the pork chop at Vertical. It didn't surprise me. It tasted about the same as Canyon Creek. And their charred octopus taste like... badly burnt charcoal... fish was ok.. and they have the worst chocolate cake dessert I have ever tasted(not much coco/chocolate taste, more like a salty sponge cake.) IMO, I think Vertical is a rip-off even with the Summerlicious price. There are a lot more other restaurants in TO doing way better than this place in this price range.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. Curious, how is the serving size ? price?

          1. You gotta try the Porchetta at Big Ragu. :)

            They don't usually make it during summer though. But it's worth the wait!

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              Cumbrae's has thick cut, bone in Berkshire pork loin chops that are UNBELIEVABLE. I grilled some on the bbq last weekend... quickly dressed with salt, pepper, fresh rosemary/garlic, good olive oil and a splash of balsamic. They were fantastic, the most flavourful/juicy pork I've ever had bar none.

              I know it's not a restaurant but they are unreal, Berkshire pork is certainly all that it is hyped up to be without question. I think I'll be getting some again tomorrow. :-)

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                I know !! the porchetta @ Big Ragu is AMAZING ...juicy, flavourful, tender, melt in your mouth MMm MMm good =)

              2. If you are a real foodie, you will go to Canyon Creek and order the porkchop medium rare. It takes a real foodie to get past the chain stigma and that fact that the sides pretty much suck. The chop is awesome.

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                  I'm not sure about that.. I'm still very hesitated to eat "rare" pork.. I am fine with fish/beef/lamb sashimi.. but not pork. I tried it once at Canyon Creek and I did not enjoy it. All I can taste was their sweet sauce.

                  Just my own opinion...

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                    You can order it Medium. I believe Medium is their default anyway. As far as the sauce, perhaps your plate had too much. The pork itself has a great pork flavour it absolutley stands up for itself with flavour. By coincidence I dined there (downtown toronto location) with an Ontario pork farmer. He was blown away by the quality of the meat. Sorry yours wasnt as special! That is very disappointing.

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                    We went to the Mississauga Canyon Creek last week and some of us ordered the pork chop, it is really not that good, it has no taste but portion is hugh. We had a better one at another CC location at lunch, but the one at Mississauga disappointed us.

                  3. Globe bistro (broadview and danfroth) has a great birkshire porkchop