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Jun 8, 2007 09:05 AM

Great article in USA Today about the NC BBQ Trail

There was a fascinating article in USA Today's travel section about the newly-established NC Barbecue Trail. Starts in Ayden and goes west to Murphy.

You must watch the 9-minute video that links from the article. I love these people!

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  1. Thanks cackalackie, I really enjoyed that video.

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    1. re: Stack8

      Good coverage.

      This is the work of the NC BBQ Society, The group plans to publicize and promote all forms of NC BBQ. They're planning a festival in Raleigh this October, right around State Fair time. There's one going on this weekend in Tryon. I will definitely be attending the Raleigh event.

      1. re: FuzzyT

        I heard about that festival. Sounds like they're trying to make it less of a competition between East and West than a celebration of both. I'm looking forward to it!

        1. re: cackalackie

          Exactly. One of the primary missions of the sponsors is to get beyond the East vs. West debate and get on to promoting all the delicious styles of NC BBQ. The more it's valued, the better off we all are.

    2. Too back they stopped at Goldsboro. A great, but mostly unknown place in Onslow County is Thig's on Catherine Lake Road, off U.S. 258 between Jacksonville and Richlands. Also, in Greenville, Boss Hogg's on Memorial near Arlington. They have turkey barbecue (chopped and seasoned like pork) and great cornbread.

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      1. re: Cake Ladies

        I agree, they didn't go far enough. They should have gone to King's in Kinston, it's a must! Try the Pig in a Pup.

      2. Nice article and video. Except one thing. It's hard to believe Cold Stone really the best ice cream in Greenville? Yikes!