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Brevard(NC) - Maple? Anyone been?

Just heard this place opened up next to Hob Nob in Brevard. Heard good things...price point similar to Hob Nob and lots of seafood.

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  1. I'm never any help, but I can say I drove past there a couple of weeks ago and looked at the menu. It looks very nice from the outside, inside is a little confusing...the decor doesn't seem to match the menu. If they can execute the menu well it should be a good addition to Brevard...but we'll see.

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      Where's Mark???? Let's start making up a list for him...Bastide, Maple...

    2. I went there last night, August 20 because we were stuck in Brevard and ended up in their parking lot. The food was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. Little touches as you eat like the butter they bring you for their very good bread, is formed into a maple leaf and lightly salted so that you get a little bit of a crunch. I had a romaine salad, simple and very tasty with pumpkin seeds. I also had the calamari which surprised me with the flavors in the soup that was around it. My mom had the maple pork and it was wonderful. It was a very nice atmosphere and friendly people. I give it rave remarks!

      1. Maple is excellent, but have been twice and absolutely TERRIBLE service both times- our second time was about 3 months after the first, and the menu was the exact same. It's a good menu, but a little boring the second time around. The appetizers are much more interesting than the entrees. Thai beef salad is amazing and beautifully balanced- and is probably the only reason I'll return. Yellow tomato gazpacho also excellent. The only entree I had was the seafood stew, which was nice, but too rich and all the shells on the clams and mussels were broken.

        1. I just got back a half our ago. And you know, somtehing I just can't figure out. Most women learn by about 14 to spot a man checking her out when he is 45 degrees to either side and 50 yards behind her, but when she ties on an apron her peripheral vision is reduced to about 3 dgrees from the center of her nose. The inside is basically 40 minutes with a paint spayer; the "starters", bread, coffee, deserts are all done elsewhere (they tell you this). My entree was tasty, and well assembled (veal meatloaf). It was top-o-the-line Sysco/MDI, but that means it was a good dish. Prices about 20 percent too high for the above. And the service was remarkable. At one point, our waitress (who had three tables going) walked in and out of the dining room 6 times (I was hoping for the record, but of course this was well short) without a glace at us and me with my hand raised. I told her so when she finally came over, She offered a couple of excuses without apology. Two for sixty one bucks without drinks, I won't bother them again.

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            thanks.I thought I was being too harsh in the other thread. I felt the same way as you, both times I have been.

          2. Sorry so late in posting this, but just joined the board after "lurking" for months. lol! Anyway, my husband and I tried Maple back in July and had a very different experience regarding service. We had fantastic service and I was actually impressed.... when we first walked up and the hostess was busy, another server noticed us, acknowledged us and told us that the hostess would be right back to seat us, which she was. So, maybe we just got lucky? Or maybe there is a different crew there now?

            We thought the food was excellent. I had a sea bass dish and my husband had the Big Bowl of Seafood, which he loved. We also had the french fries for an appetizer (which I wouldn't normally bother to order at an upscale restaurant). These came with a "blue cheese" fondue and they were only $6 and fantastic! It was a huge portion (shoestring style, which I like) and we ate every last one. Got the maple creme brulee for dessert and my husband got the cheesecake and both were excellent.

            I thought the entree prices could be knocked back a couple of dollars (they run about $23 - $30 for entrees), but it wasn't outrageous. Decor was nice too. We ate outside on the porch, but I peeked inside and it looked nice. I would like to go back again to see how it is now. As a side note, we are glad to see more options coming to Brevard!

            1. Just ate here again tonight and have to take back anything good I have ever said about it. In addition to the widely known awkward and unprofessional service, the food was awful and way way way overpriced. Ordered the roasted oysters with bacon and shallots, and whoever opened the oysters (if they were opened there) they didn't loosen the muscles from shell, resulting in the meat being permanently stuck to the shell. They had clear cut one in half and served both halves on both sides of the shell anyway. Tasted terrible. for the entree, I got the shortribs on polenta with a very small amount of unremarkable veg. For 25 bucks, I got a whopping TWO small shortribs. I could have made this hugely better at home for a fraction of the price. The boy's roasted chicken breast had the worst flabby skin and was served with mashed potatoes and asparagus and cherry tomato. Why is anyone serving asparagus and cherry tomatoes in the middle of winter??? Why not some nice kale? On top of that, the plates were cold and everything was served lukewarm. And- somehow, they were magically out of both meatloaf and skate at 6:30 pm with about 4 tables. And, you would think, at these prices that the menu would have boasted some local organic meats and veg- it didn't. If we were paying, I would have raised hell. If you want to eat in brevard- you have 3 options. Sushi at sora, burritos at pescado's or a basic cheeseburger at jordan street. Don't even bother going anywhere else, it it just pompous, overpriced junk.

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                tell us what you really think ;-)

                Interestingly, you mentioned the two places I eat in Brevard: Sora and Pescados.

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                  Hmmm.... I wonder what happened to that place?? When my husband and I went last summer (a couple months after it opened) we had a fantastic experience (great food AND service) as mentioned in my post above. Our only complaint was that the prices were too high. We had looked forward to going back (preferably on someone else's nickel - ha!), but with all the negative reviews, I'm now very hesitant to waste our money on it or anyone else's for that matter.

                  Has anyone eaten at The Quarry lately? We had the opposite experience there. Lots of people loved it and we had a very so-so experience. Not good enough to support the high prices. would like to give it another shot also, but am worried about having another less than stellar experience. :-/

                  other brevard restaurants....
                  Although we haven't been in awhile, we liked Square Root (for a little less expensive meal) and Jordan Street. We haven't been to Jordan Street though since they reopened. Don't remember how their prices compare to Maple/Quarry or Square Root. I'm thinking in between? Brevard seems to be sorely lacking in reasonably priced bistro style restaurants. It's either a $30 entree or a pizza.

                  We used to love Sora, but seems their quality has gone downhill a little lately. Has anyone else noticed that? Umi seems much better to me.

                  My husband likes Pescado's for lunch. How are the Mexican restaurants? El Ranchero or Cielito Lindo?

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                    I think you must have got the one good server at maple! Agreed, brevard is in desperate need of a middle of the road bistro place. They had a nice one about 10 years ago right in that corner spot on the main drag that's being transformed into a hotel. I wouldn't let someone else drag me in the quarry, but if you're gonna take one for the team I'd love to hear how your second meal went. It's a no go for me on the square root and the dining room in at the jordan street. Both, I think overpriced schmaltz. At Jordan street, you've gotta sit at the bar, and even then the quality has seriously declined in the past few years. Burger is not only a safe option but good. Hmmm... Mexican restaurants, gotta say both are exceptionally poor, even for americanized Mexican restaurant food. However, I will say the taquitos at el ranchero are good. I'd go there again before the other and sit on the patio (the interior is like a big dance hall) and order carefully.

                2. We just tried all three in the past 6 weeks: Maple, Hobnob, and Quarry.

                  At Maple, the service couldn't have been better. We went early, so there it was not busy, but it still was attentive but not intrusive, which is the way we like it. We had an appetizer from the day's special - seafood quesadilla - and it was very good. My husband had the seafood stew with pasta and was very satisfied. We loved the butter salted with crystals and the bread, quickly requesting seconds. The decor was what I expected for an upscale restaurant in an old house.

                  The Hobnob was busy the night we attended. We had early reservations and arrived as they were opening. The service was terrible. The waiter told us we had to wait to be seated till the wait staff got the info about the specials. It got so long that we seated ourselves. When he finally got back to us, he had forgotten the specials and had to go back to the kitchen to find out the details. We were left several times (with apologies and explanations that he had to take a phone call, etc.) and other parties were served before we got anything. You might get a kick out of this for an upscale expensive restaurant: We ordered the lobster bisque for starters. It was supposed to have baby bay scallops in it. Neither bowl had a single scallop in it. When we pointed this out to the waiter, he went to the kitchen and brought back about 10 little scallops and spooned them into our bowls. The scallops were fine. The bisque was lack luster and very disappointing. The main courses were okay--seafood lasagna, etc. The bread was so-so served with the olive oil and herbs--okay, but I really prefer butter. The decor was typical for an old house--wooden tables and chairs.

                  The quarry was the best of the three. The menu was very limited and I thought I would have to have one of the 3 steaks, but the nightly specials came through with 2 interesting entrees. I had pan fried prime rib with a topping of blue cheese and herbs. It was served with real hand mashed potatoes and was superb. He had pasta prima vera with shrimp and scallops that was very tasty, but a little light on the seafood. We both had lots of zuchini squash thrown in, which to me is a waste of a bad squash. We also had a salad and French onion soup, both very good. The service was excellent. The bread was a crusty French baguette served with the olive oil and herb mixture--the bread was great; the oil needed some parmesan and black pepper. I liked the flat rock walls and murals in the decor the best out of the 3 restaurants. The chairs were interesting and sturdy--metal and upholstery--a welcome change from rustic wood. The music was what I expected from the promise of a piano bar on the outside advertising.

                  All three restaurants cost $30-40 per person. The Maple and The Quarry made us feel special. The Hobnob made us feel lucky to be served. They are all overpriced, but we will probably return on special occasions because we don't always want to travel to Asheville. All were surprisingly casual--customers in jeans and hoodies or slacks and sweaters were common. I find that comfortable.

                  1. Just a quick update. My husband had lunch at Maple yesterday and reported back that apparently it is under new management now (he didn't ask how long that has been in place). He noticed that the dinner entree prices have been knocked back about $5 which is good news. They said that lowing prices was one of the things the new management did because of complaints that they were too high.

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                      My husband and I just went last night for dinner and we were very pleased. The food and service were both excellent and as he had said a couple weeks ago, the prices WERE much lower than when we went last summer. Entrees ran about $16 - $23 instead of high $20s - $30s that they were before. I got a rib eye steak entree and my husband got a veal cutlet entree and both were $18 and plenty of food. We also got the french fries with blue cheese fondue that we had before and loved ($6), we each got one drink (a wine and a beer), I got an extra side of the cheddar grits ($2) and I got the cream cheese brownie for dessert. Total bill (pre-tip) was $65 - not bad at all. We ate outside on the patio and the service was very good.

                      I also noticed that all of the salads and pasta dishes could be ordered half-size at a reduced price (~ $4 - $10).

                      So, was very happy to see the new pricing. We will eat there more often now because of it.

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                        Have they put the thai beef salad back on the menu?

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                          No, unfortunately, it's not (I couldn't remember seeing it on the menu so called and verified). They said if they get enough requests for it though, they'll put it back on. Sorry. :(

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                            Thank you for going to all that trouble!

                    2. I love that restaurant. My mother and I have gone and we just love it. We went full courses (bit of a splurging weekend) and I thought the wine list was impressive for a small town nestled in the North Carolina mountains.