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Jun 8, 2007 08:17 AM

Brevard(NC) - Maple? Anyone been?

Just heard this place opened up next to Hob Nob in Brevard. Heard good things...price point similar to Hob Nob and lots of seafood.

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  1. I'm never any help, but I can say I drove past there a couple of weeks ago and looked at the menu. It looks very nice from the outside, inside is a little confusing...the decor doesn't seem to match the menu. If they can execute the menu well it should be a good addition to Brevard...but we'll see.

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      Where's Mark???? Let's start making up a list for him...Bastide, Maple...

    2. I went there last night, August 20 because we were stuck in Brevard and ended up in their parking lot. The food was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. Little touches as you eat like the butter they bring you for their very good bread, is formed into a maple leaf and lightly salted so that you get a little bit of a crunch. I had a romaine salad, simple and very tasty with pumpkin seeds. I also had the calamari which surprised me with the flavors in the soup that was around it. My mom had the maple pork and it was wonderful. It was a very nice atmosphere and friendly people. I give it rave remarks!

      1. Maple is excellent, but have been twice and absolutely TERRIBLE service both times- our second time was about 3 months after the first, and the menu was the exact same. It's a good menu, but a little boring the second time around. The appetizers are much more interesting than the entrees. Thai beef salad is amazing and beautifully balanced- and is probably the only reason I'll return. Yellow tomato gazpacho also excellent. The only entree I had was the seafood stew, which was nice, but too rich and all the shells on the clams and mussels were broken.

        1. I just got back a half our ago. And you know, somtehing I just can't figure out. Most women learn by about 14 to spot a man checking her out when he is 45 degrees to either side and 50 yards behind her, but when she ties on an apron her peripheral vision is reduced to about 3 dgrees from the center of her nose. The inside is basically 40 minutes with a paint spayer; the "starters", bread, coffee, deserts are all done elsewhere (they tell you this). My entree was tasty, and well assembled (veal meatloaf). It was top-o-the-line Sysco/MDI, but that means it was a good dish. Prices about 20 percent too high for the above. And the service was remarkable. At one point, our waitress (who had three tables going) walked in and out of the dining room 6 times (I was hoping for the record, but of course this was well short) without a glace at us and me with my hand raised. I told her so when she finally came over, She offered a couple of excuses without apology. Two for sixty one bucks without drinks, I won't bother them again.

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            thanks.I thought I was being too harsh in the other thread. I felt the same way as you, both times I have been.

          2. Sorry so late in posting this, but just joined the board after "lurking" for months. lol! Anyway, my husband and I tried Maple back in July and had a very different experience regarding service. We had fantastic service and I was actually impressed.... when we first walked up and the hostess was busy, another server noticed us, acknowledged us and told us that the hostess would be right back to seat us, which she was. So, maybe we just got lucky? Or maybe there is a different crew there now?

            We thought the food was excellent. I had a sea bass dish and my husband had the Big Bowl of Seafood, which he loved. We also had the french fries for an appetizer (which I wouldn't normally bother to order at an upscale restaurant). These came with a "blue cheese" fondue and they were only $6 and fantastic! It was a huge portion (shoestring style, which I like) and we ate every last one. Got the maple creme brulee for dessert and my husband got the cheesecake and both were excellent.

            I thought the entree prices could be knocked back a couple of dollars (they run about $23 - $30 for entrees), but it wasn't outrageous. Decor was nice too. We ate outside on the porch, but I peeked inside and it looked nice. I would like to go back again to see how it is now. As a side note, we are glad to see more options coming to Brevard!