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Jun 8, 2007 08:12 AM

restaurant in Pacific Heights, SF?

We will be staying in Pac Heights for 1 night and need a really good dinner recommendation.

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  1. Quince is in Pacific Heights. Considered one of the better restaurants in town. Modernish Italian, expensive. Bushi-Tei is in Japantown, just down the hill from Pac Heights. Very good Japanese fusion. If you go, get the quail appetizer.

    1. Quince, fer sher, and Kiss Sushi in Japantown. I've heard good things about Bushi-Tei, but I haven't been.

      Depending where in Pac Heights you'll be staying, Polk Street may be a short walk for you, where there are some good casual restaurants, or La Folie if you want to break out the plastic.

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        I COMPLETELY agree on La Folie. One of the most expensive restaurants in the city, but deffinitely worth it.

        Bushi-Tei is very good. Not quite as good as Ame, but very very good and cut from the same cloth. The service is truly outstanding. My 'very very' good comment, however, excludes the quail appetizer, which is one of the single best dishes I've tried in SF.

      2. I think you've been given the best three suggestions for the area:
        Kiss Sushi

        All will require reservations and are all remarkably different - just depends on what you are looking for!