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Jun 8, 2007 07:50 AM

Where to get (vegetarian) sushi ingredients around Newton?

I would like to make vegetable sushi at home. I know how to do it, and have some of the necessary ingredients, but where can I get nori, sushi rice, pickled ginger, and wasabi? Would a regular grocery store have these? Whole Foods? Or is there a specialty shop I should look at in the Newton area? Newton, Waltham, Watertown are most convenient. Thanks!

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  1. Whole Foods does have some of these things. There is also a nice Oriental grocery in Newtonville, across from the pet store. I've picked those items up there before.

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      I love veggie sushi! Though I eat seafood, I still prefer my sushi to be fish-less.

      I have all the ingredients you mentioned, and I think I got them at Whole Foods. To add to Science Chick's recs, there is a new Oriental grocery on Elm Street in Waltham (across from the Common), and Russo's carries many Oriental ingredients as well.