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Jun 8, 2007 07:40 AM

Advice on Peristyle?

Dineing at Peristyle Saturday. Any recent experiences?

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  1. This is my advice. Ask for MIKE as your server. He tastes all the food and he'll help you pick the best from the menu. The food can be hit or miss but the wine list is excellent.

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      We ate Saturday, and Mike was indeed our server. What an interesting guy. Excellent wine list, and very inventive dishes, but the overall service was uneven and the base of the entrees was unremarkable. For example, I had a very unusual tuna in a lemon sauce with peas, non-sour sour crean, and Louisiana caviar. The pairing of ingredients was unique and harmonious, but the tuna itself was overcooked. Overall, a good restaurant, but not a great one. I'd rank it a notch below others in the same price category ($175+ for dinner) such as Bayona, Stella, etc