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Has anyone been to Wild Ginger in Bronxville?

rolise Jun 8, 2007 07:35 AM

I was wondering how it is and if the menu includes any vietnamese dishes.

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    raider RE: rolise Jun 8, 2007 08:02 AM

    any relation to the greenwich wild ginger?

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    1. re: raider
      menton1 RE: raider Jun 8, 2007 09:29 AM

      Where is this place in Bronxville? Could it possibly be a better choice than Haiku, which is wonderful?

      1. re: raider
        shellyesq RE: raider Jun 8, 2007 11:56 AM

        According to this: http://lizjohnson.lohudblogs.com/2007... it looks like it is owned by people who have other places, but it doesn't mention Greenwich.

      2. billyparsons RE: rolise Jun 29, 2007 09:20 AM

        I have been there twice. If you're a real sushi fan, Wild Ginger would not be for you. Very sloppy dishes. Haiku is still the bast game in town.

        1. f
          Flatrater RE: rolise Nov 18, 2007 07:06 PM

          We were there about a month ago. The 4 of us all enjoyed our meals. Nothing spectacular however none got ill. All in all we had a good time.


          1. g
            gutreactions RE: rolise Nov 19, 2007 03:38 AM

            Stopped in...its basically the same as the others in West. & CT. There are some good Asian variation dishes to be had. The question for Bronxville is which is better: Haiku, Spring Asian Cuisine on Gramatan in Mt. Vernon nearby, or the new Wild Ginger. What do you say?

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            1. re: gutreactions
              Sourise RE: gutreactions Jan 2, 2008 02:16 PM

              Other ones in Westchester and CT? I've seen them in Ridgefield and in Bronxville- where else are they?

              I love their salad dishes and I find their other dishes satisfying but not too heavy. Sorry for lack of dish names... I haven't been there in a while but me and my mother loved going to the Ridgefield and Bronxville ones a few years ago. We had no idea it was a chain though- just thought there were those two.

              1. re: Sourise
                arby1 RE: Sourise Jan 3, 2008 10:56 AM

                I believe that they are related to Water Moon in Rye. Water Moon has been a mob-scene whenever I've been there. Much less so at Wild Ginger. The food is pretty much the same at both-- tasty but not at all subtle (like PF Chang's).

              2. re: gutreactions
                Bigbird RE: gutreactions Jan 2, 2008 04:50 PM

                I don't know the Wild Ginger (unless it is related to the one in Great Neck, in which case I dislike it sight unseen, but I LOVE the shrimp with honeydew at Spring on Gramatan in Mt. Vernon. I think they are the best shrimp I've had.


              3. p
                pobo RE: rolise Jan 3, 2008 07:46 AM

                I believe Wild Ginger is owned by the same person who owns Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont.

                1. juweee RE: rolise Jan 3, 2008 04:45 PM

                  I don't remember if the menu includes vietnamese dishes, but we have been there a few times. It's not a fancy Saturday night dinner out, but it is a great take out/delivery alternative for the crappy chinese we have in the area. I enjoyed it thoroughly (and did not get sick...). I would stick to the chinese/thai fare. The sushi was fresh, but ok.

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