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Jun 8, 2007 07:12 AM

Sabatiello's in Stamford?

How is it?

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  1. Went to Sabatiello's about a year ago, found it mediocre and overpriced, and haven't been back. There are so many better Italian places in town, there's no reason to go to there.

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    1. re: MommaJ

      Which italian places do you like in Stamford? I haven't been in a while, but Villa Pizza has good shrimp francese w/penne for take out--its simple food in that place but the cook is really Italian and the food reflects that fact, I think. Quattro Pazzi is another fave--but I notice the service isn't always the greatest.

      1. re: Ora

        For a nice sit-down but not too formal restaurant (which is where I'd put Sabatiello's), I think Columbus Park is my favorite--never had a disappointing dish there, and the service is fine, but not much in the way of desserts, if that's important to you. And I like a lot of the dishes at Pizza Bistro 122, though the portions are way too big. Haven't been to Siena in quite a while, but always liked it in the past. A step more formal than those, Il Falco is consistently good. When it comes to "pizza plus" casual/take out spots, I've never found one that stands out above the rest, but now I'll give Villa Pizza a try.

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            I have liked Mona Lisa in Stamford, though Columbus Park was generally fine, I have had one very bad experience there that has made it hard to go back.

        1. We ended up eating at Columbus Park and it was great.

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          1. re: bevoray

            Sabatiello's totally disappointing. Last I heard it's a hot spot for divorcees on Saturday nights because they have good disco music upstairs. Stay away.

            Columbus Park is consistently the best Italian in town. Hands down.

            Or for inexpensive, hit Capriccio on Bedford and even the new place, Remo's. Good salads and pizza.

            1. re: jessicaggh

              Agreed, Sabatiello's is not very good!

          2. This place is a hustle. Overpriced. Underwhelming. Waiters try to sell you up. Managers stand at the doorway soliciting business from passers by. Even the divorcees are second rate. The worst Italian in downtown Stamford.

            Columbus Park best cuisine. Pizza Bistro best value. Il Falco best classical.

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            1. re: louuuuu

              LOL at the second-rate divorcees.

              We used to like Sabatiello's, but in the past 18 mos or so they've changed the menu, it's way overpriced and the food quality has really gone downhill.

              I read on this board that it will be on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, so let's hope that they remake the menu into something great.

            2. Not sure if anyone mentioned this but Gordon Ramsey is filming an episode of his show Kitchen Nightmares there as we speak. I think he's been there all week.

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                1. re: jfood

                  thank you, that was an interesting read.